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40 Nights

MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 86 minutes
Starring: DJ Perry, Rance Howard, Taymour Ghazi
Director: Jesse Low

Sex: The devil takes on the form of a woman in one scene and tells Jesus that she can bring him the pleasure that men enjoy.

Language: A possible "You fool" in one scene (not distinct).

Violence: Satan shoves Jesus in one scene and hits him with a stick in another; a nail is driven in Jesus' hand, although no blood is visible.

Drugs: None

Nudity: None

Other: Although biblically based on Jesus' temptation, some creative license is taken, and Jesus tells the devil, "Please, leave," on a few occasions -- a statement that may be more polite than Jesus actually was. Also, Satan tells Jesus he would shove him from a ledge, and Jesus says, "Perhaps, but not today"; Jesus faces temptation and hunger and sees flashbacks of his life; Satan makes cruel and faithless comments.


Limited Theatrical Release - "40 Nights" is the first of the "Quest Trilogy," which features themes of sacrifice and faith. These films focus on lesser-known events from the biblical age. The first film examines the pre-ministry life of Jesus (DJ Perry), starting with his baptism with John the Baptist (Terry Jernigan). From there, Jesus embarks on his self-exploration journey into the wilderness for 40 nights. The Devil tempts Jesus three times in various forms. Audiences will be treated to a stronger portrayal of Jesus that offers glimpses into his childhood and family upbringing. This film portrays Jesus as a person who invokes empathy and sheds light on the true magnitude of his sacrifice for mankind.

Dove Review

"40 Nights" is a biblically based, creative telling of the story of Jesus' temptation in the wilderness. It features three incarnations of the devil: as a young man, an adult man, and as an old man, played by Rance Howard. The story opens with Jesus' (DJ Perry) baptism by John the Baptist (Terry Jernigan) and his journey into the wilderness to be tempted for 40 days and nights. The film includes flashbacks of Jesus as a boy, when he talked with Joseph after going to the temple at age 12.

The devil is portrayed as cunning and persistent and attempts to get Jesus to doubt God and to follow him. In one insightful scene, the devil is commenting on God being flawed, and Jesus replies, "And there is the tongue that got you cast out of heaven!"

The film uses some creative and artistic license as it imagines what might have happened during the 40 days and nights. A few scenes feature Jesus asking Satan politely, "Please, leave." The Scripture records him as saying pointedly, "Get thee hence" or, in other words, "Get out of here!" However, several intriguing scenes show the enemy trying to cloud Jesus' thinking. Jesus battles hunger as he is fasting during this time, in a scene in which the film portrays his human side.

The movie stimulates viewers to reflect on what might have happened and features Jesus thinking back on his life as a boy and on Joseph, his earthly father, who died. We are pleased to award it our "Faith-Friendly" Seal for ages 12-plus. Jesus says clearly that he will lay down his life to provide salvation, and he doesn't back down from his resolve to do so. In a couple of scenes, he holds a lamb and carries it, a symbol of his sacrifice.


Dove Family Approved: Recommended For Ages FF12+

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