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MPAA Rating: PG
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 109 minutes
Starring: Anthony Gonzalez, Gael Garcia Bernal, Benjamin Bratt, Alanna Ubach, Renee Victor
Director: Lee Unkrich

Sex: None

Language: None

Violence: A boy is chased, and his life is threatened, all handled lightly.

Drugs: Characters toast with presumably tequila

Nudity: None

Other: Themes about death; afterlife is handled without reference to God; fantastic skeletons (Calaveras) are the main characters in the afterlife; we see a skeleton disintegrate when he is forgotten.

Faith: The family appears to be traditional Catholics, and the holiday has its roots in Christianity/Catholicism

Integrity: A man shows selfless love; a family honors its elders; hard work is cultural


Aspiring musician Miguel, confronted with his family's ancestral ban on music, enters the Land of the Dead to work out the mystery.

Dove Review

Coco es maravilloso!

Coco is gorgeous! Pixar has not only created a breathtaking, imaginative universe, but these masters have also swooped us into a culture that sparks endless conversation about family honor, death and heaven, music, honesty and a lifetime of injustice. But first, just enjoy the experience.

We meet Miguel and the Rivera family; proud, hard-working shoemakers. Woven into their big love is a deep grudge that plays out in hatred for the father who left the family generations earlier; his photo torn from their walls and his memory torn from their hearts. Or is it? Through Miguel’s love of the forbidden joy of music, we are carried into a rich and gigantic afterlife. On this special Dia de los Muertos, the worlds of their family’s complex past intersect, and Miguel is introduced to his life’s deepest, most exciting truths. And we’re enveloped in gorgeous sights and sounds through every minute of the story.

In its many layers, Coco elevates a man’s selfless love, commitment and true motivation to honor his family even while enduring injustice. Coco reminds us to adore our elders and listen to our children. And in all that depth, our whole family gets to enjoy fantastic music and a delightful cast of characters that will make you want to stay for the next showing to experience it all again.

Dove is proud to award Coco our Dove Approval for All Ages.


Dove Family Approved: Recommended For All Ages

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