3 Tips to Turning a Summer of Chaos into Fun

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by ReRebecca Ondovbecca E. Ondov

How is your summer stacking up? Is it filled with chaos? Or fun? Although mine always tilts toward the overly-busy side, I keep chaos at bay by sprinkling my days with fun. How do I do it?

Years ago, I learned these three tips from the years when I worked from the saddle, leading horse pack trips in the wilderness of Montana. A time when my days were reduced to the simplicity of life: “lights-out” was when the sun slipped behind the mountains and my “bed” consisted of a sleeping bag under a thousand twinkling stars.

During those years, I discovered that having fun was not dependent on money or what money could buy. Rather it is a state of mind, the ability to disappear from the hustle and bustle of life by zooming in on moments with child-like wonder.

Here are 3 Tips to Turning a Summer of Chaos into Fun

  1. Turn off the TV, phone, radio, and all background noise so that you can listen to silence—and God’s still small voice.
  2. Learn to live life with the wonder of a child by doing child-like things. How long has it been since you watched a raindrop slip off a blade of grass, taken time to smell the air after a rainstorm, or splashed in a puddle? Why not lie on a blanket on the lawn with your family and look for shooting stars?
  3. Always be sure to frame your day with God by reading a chapter in the New Testament. Why not ask Him how to simplify your life?

Heavenly Horse StoriesWhen you capture delightful moments, found in the simplest of things, you can turn chaos into fun. Have an incredible summer sprinkled with childlike wonder!

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