4 (Rarely Discussed) Characteristics of God’s Call

0 comments Posted on June 7, 2016

Kelli Worrall_001by Kelli Worrall

I’m concerned.

I’m concerned that—more and more—we are searching for a call that is self-satisfying, and we are encouraging the next generation to do the same. I’m concerned that—less and less—we are willing to make the necessary sacrifice to follow God’s call to the hard places.


  1. Sometimes our calling causes us to cower under the covers. Sometimes we respond with uncertainty and fear when we hear Him speak our name. Sometimes we respond with dread. Because sometimes God calls us to do crazy things. Sometimes He calls us to build a great big boat when there is no sign of rain. Sometimes He calls us to care for people who seem downright impossible to love.
  2. Sometimes our calling doesn’t make sense. Sometimes when He blinds us with His brilliance and we fall to our knees—ready to obey, others will dismiss us and doubt our place. Sometimes our calling seems far beyond our reach. Sometimes we feel shockingly ill-suited to the task. Sometimes when the burning bush beckons, we think of innumerable excuses to explain why we are not the best person for the job.
  3. Sometimes we won’t get to see the results of our work. Sometimes we may not see any measurable effect. Sometimes we will labor for years and see not one soul saved. Sometimes we won’t get to build the temple or enter the Promised Land. Sometimes our prophetic cries in the wilderness seem to fall on deaf ears. Sometimes our witness will land us behind bars.
  4. 20Things2.inddAnd sometimes we don’t feel His pleasure. Sometimes we sense only silence. Sometimes we sit in the slimy belly of the fish. Sometimes we may beg for the cup to be taken away. “My God, My God!” Sometimes we feel forsaken.

So, yes, sometimes God’s calling looks like the miraculous parting of the sea. And sometimes it looks more like a wander in the wilderness.  May we have courage to face the furnace when necessary. May we have the tenacity to circle the city for the seventh time. And may we have keen ears and willing hearts to hear and to heed God’s call—regardless.

Kelli Worrall teaches writing and public speaking in the Communications Department of Moody Bible Institute. She authored the popular article “20 Things I Wish I Had Known in My Late 20s,” published in Relevant Magazine. She and husband, Peter, speak together at marriage, college, and young adult retreats, and Kelli blogs at www.thisoddhouse.org. They are parents of Daryl and Amelia through adoption.


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