A Better Place

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Cynthia Ruchtiby Cynthia Ruchti

When my husband returns from his latest fishing trip, I know I’ll hear more than fish stories. If I ask, he’ll also tell me about the cabin screen door he fixed, the window latch he repaired, or the loose shingle he replaced. And it isn’t his cabin. It belongs to elderly neighbors who haven’t been able to use it for years but take joy in loaning it to my husband and his friends.

One of the reasons he’s welcome to use the cabin year after year is because of a commitment we share—to leave things better than we found them. If I borrow a sweater, I tighten the loose button before returning it. If my husband borrows a tool, he’ll clean it or sharpen it before taking it back.

Common sense? A natural response to kindness shown us?

Ancient wisdom from the source of wisdom—God’s Word.

TatteredIn I Chronicles 4:40 AMP, we read about Simeon’s family line and their search for pasture for their flocks. “And they found rich, good pasture, and the [cleared] land was wide, quiet, and peaceful, because people of Ham had dwelt there of old [and had left it a better place for those who came after them].”

After seeing that verse tucked among the begats and unpronounceable villages, we’re more determined than ever to leave things better than we found them. Houses. Tools. Pathways. Rentals. Relationships. Rest rooms.

Who would have thought there’s biblical precedence for replacing an empty roll of toilet paper?

Cynthia Ruchti tells stories hemmed in Hope. Her award-winning novels, novellas, devotions, and nonfiction help point readers and speaking audiences to the One who mends, so they too can say, “I can’t unravel. I’m hemmed in Hope.” You can discover more about her books and speaking topics at www.cynthiaruchti.com.


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