A City On A Hill

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City Harmonicby The City Harmonic

We’ve all heard and read Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount”: “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven… Blessed are the meek.”  And so on. But how often have we really spent time with these perplexing words?

Often called “The Beatitudes,” they are a significant part of one of his most famous sermons. In this message, Jesus is painting a picture of what a genuine follower of his just might look like. In the eight “blessed” parables he shows us a person who is genuinely humble, recognizing his or her true position in the world. It is a picture of a disciple who, with his whole life and sphere of influence, seeks Godly righteousness over personal power.

We wrote “A City On A Hill” because we’ve been challenged by the call to follow Jesus as disciples through the thick and thin of life.  Imagine how different our world might be if we sought to change it not by its own rules (power, dominance, politics) but by living like Jesus! In the same way Jesus does in his famous sermon, we suggest in this song that if we, the Church, did this, the world would see us as “salt and light,” as a “city on a hill” shining in the dark night of brokenness and need. So rise and shine. Together, and in Christ, we are the light of the world!

Heart“A City On A Hill”

Blessed are the poor for the kingdom is yours
Blessed when you mourn, there’s comfort in His arms
Blessed are the meek with the world at your feet
Blessed when it’s righteousness that you seek
It’s beautiful

Like a city on a hill
Lighting up the night
For the glory of the Lord
Rise and shine
We will…

Light of the world
we can’t hide it
This beautiful light it
For all of the world
To believe we can be
A city on a hill

Blessed when you’re merciful, you’ll find grace
Blessed are the pure, you’ll see the face of God
Blessed are you making peace on earth
Blessed when you follow, even when it hurts
It’s beautiful

For the glory of The Lord — Rise and shine (3)
For the glory of The Lord
The glory of the Lord


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