A Funny-Moon

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Christine Lindsayby Christine Lindsay

A lady at church said that she goes on lots of funny-moons with her husband. Not honeymoons—they’ve been married for over 40 years—we’re talking about funny-moons.

Sure they go out for the usual dinner date or coffee, but this lady and her hubby like to go fishing when they can, or even out to the local sporting goods store to window shop.

Sounded like a good plan to me.

Because, like most people, my life is way too busy. Oh my, talk about busy with a capital B.

It dawned on me that I spent more time with my laptop than I did with my husband. That didn’t sound right to me. So this summer I made a huge change—to go out on more funny-moons with my hubby.

We even bought a little travel trailer. And boy did we have fun. Now I too enjoy window shopping at the local sporting goods outlet, where I daydream about canoeing or camping and watch my hubby’s face light up at the sight of a fishing rod new on the market.

What ideas can you come up with for a funny-moon with your spouse?

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