A Funny Thing Happened at My Book Sale

0 comments Posted on February 4, 2020

by Aaron M. Zook, Jr.

I beamed at a customer, a pastor’s mother, as we engaged in an upbeat discussion at my ZookBook’s table, discussing how one becomes a Christian. At 11:30 AM, many main store customers breezed past my location by the store’s entrance in the mall.

A couple walked past me and stopped. The woman backed up her shopping cart. “Have you considered the Ten Commandments?”

I raised my eyebrows and smiled. “We’ve been discussing salvation through Jesus Christ.”

“And you have to keep the Ten Commandments.” The woman stepped closer, her husband a step behind in support.

I used several memorized Scriptures to referee the ensuing conversation between the two women. Each discussed in great detail why their position was correct. In the end, the woman who interrupted the initial dialogue left unsatisfied. Her husband trailed behind. The shopper called back over her shoulder to emphasize her position one last time.

I chuckled. “Didn’t see that coming.”

The pastor’s mother nodded. “Neither did I.”

Book sales can be a place of ministry. I pray for each event, not only that I would sell books, but that I might be of service to the Lord in the process. Knowing God’s Word allowed me to moderate the discussion. Focusing on the major point of agreement, salvation through Jesus Christ, allowed all involved to recognize their bond as Christians while still disagreeing on the specifics of our faith-walk.

Are you prepared for an opportunity to be a minister for God? It could happen without warning…

Aaron M. Zook, Jr. is a multiple-award-winning author and speaker. He’s thrilled thousands with his YA Christian mystery/adventure series about two inquisitive brothers and their dogs who solve one crisis after another around the world. Aaron is a retired U.S. Army Colonel and lives with his wife, Joyce, in Texas.

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