A God Calling

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Doreen Hannaby Doreen Hanna

April 1999 I was asked to speak for a Mother’s Day luncheon. Their chosen topic, “Celebrate! You’re a Daughter of the King.” The emphasis was addressing the women of the church to “mentor” the teen girls. They asked if I could speak on the topic. My speaking mentor always said, “If you haven’t spoken on the topic, just say yes, and then immediately shoot up a prayer.” So, I did. As I hung up the phone, I thought, “I’ve never really considered this Daughter of the King thing.” Then pondered, “Who is referred to as a princess in our society today?”

Immediately, the word “JAP” came to mind. “Lord! Jewish American Princess is a derogatory reference,” I exclaimed.  However, I began to remember the Jewish women I knew in my life. They were always confident, graceful women. Soon I was on a journey to discover the amazing preparation that Jewish parents take to have their daughter “mentored” in all ways of life to step into young womanhood at her Bat’Mitzvah. I spoke boldly that day on the value of mentors and the benefits to the girls.

RaisingModernDayPrincessWhen I left the event, this question came to mind, “What does the American culture have for our girls today?” Those words were repeated numerous times until the day I said, “Nothing, Lord; and yes, I will do it.” I began writing what is known as a biblically-based rite-of-passage for teen girls today that has impacted the lives of many of girls and their families.

Remember, God’s call is often surprising and is purposed to meet a felt need in others’ lives, for His glory.

Doreen Hanna is the Founder & President of Modern Day Princess Ministries. She empowers women leaders who seek to equip our future young women of influence. She is an international speaker and loves speaking to parents of girls. www.moderndayprincess.net


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