A Little Creativity for the Holidays

0 comments Posted on November 29, 2021

by Linda Rooks

Even before I turned the page of the calendar to December, I had already sensed the anticipation growing in my daughters as we saw Christmas decorations going up everywhere we looked. The magic of the Christmas season had arrived, and it was time to begin the adventure.

After hanging up our homemade advent calendar, I went to the garage and hauled out my craft box, where I saved all sorts of otherwise useless odds and ends like corks, pieces of felt and yarn, strawberry baskets, toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, pieces of burlap and shredded bark. The humble contents of the box provided ample inspiration to fuel our creativity so we could make decorations for the coming holiday. And it was a great way for the children and I to begin the celebration of Christmas.

After spreading our treasures on the kitchen table, I pulled out some corks, pieces of felt, a package of plastic heads from the craft store, and said, “How about making our own manger scene?

With scissors in hand, my daughters and I dove into our project. As we wrapped pieces of felt around the corks and added little plastic heads, Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus began to emerge from our saved recyclables. Wiping glue from our fingertips, we giggled at the inviting charm of our little budding creations. Happily, we recalled the story of Jesus’ birth along with the angels that appeared and the shepherds and wise men who came to worship the Christ child.

Exercising our creative aptitudes was a delightful way to prepare for Christmas when the children were young.  Incorporating a little fun into the telling of the Christmas story planted meaningful memories into our daughters’ hearts, and each year as the decorations come out, our little cork nativity scene remains a favorite.

Author Linda Rooks enjoys creating memories in a child’s heart by using what is fun to strengthen what is meaningful. Her children’s Easter book, The Bunny Side of Easter, uses the heroism of a little rabbit to point children to the true hero of Easter. She’s also the author of award winning Fighting for Your Marriage while Separated. Her stories and articles have appeared in multiple Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Focus on the Family, HomeLife, and others.


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