A-Muse-ing Moments

0 comments Posted on June 19, 2014

Cat1by Angela Breidenbach

Muse: Noticing the world seems upside down lately.

Angie BWriter: Aw, do you miss me? I’ll be home after the International Christian Retail Show. I’m emcee for the comedy event, String Story Slam, at the Change of Life Festival June 22nd and promoting our CAN authors. I’m also excited to hear who wins the new CAN Golden Scroll Awards for Book of the Year.

Muse: Oh! You’ve been gone?

Writer: You didn’t notice?

Muse: I noticed the world looks upside down.

Writer: You’re such a guy!

Cat2Muse: I have been enjoying some extra space on the pillow. Just thought you were being generous.

Writer: Yeah, that’s what I was doing.

Muse: See? I noticed!

Writer: (Eye roll to a facepalm.)

#Muse, a three-year old SomaliX feline investigative reporter, keeps in touch by phone even when Writer, Angela Breidenbach, is on the road at speaking events. Writer and #Muse blog humorous exposé interviews with celebrity authors’ pets, and can be found visiting with fan-friends on social media, and they occasionally freelance together. #Muse has his own hashtag and can perform skills like come, sit, shake hands, sit pretty, lay down, rollover, jump a stick, jump through a hoop, and mark to a spot (important for film). A rescue feline (cat is so passé), #Muse supports rescue pet causes while continuing to build his talent repertoire and resume.


Healing HeartAngela Breidenbach is a captivating author, speaker, and coach from Montana.

As the president for the Christian Authors Network (CAN), Angela networks with bookstore owners and the media. Conference directors and women’s retreats regularly ask Angela to present from Portland to Philadelphia, Denver to Dallas, and Spokane to St. Louis. Now they’re all asking her to bring #Muse along. Virtual chats are an easy access with Angela on Skype, Facetime, and other Internet platforms. And, if #Muse is in the mood he might show a trick or two. Books: A Healing Heart (Abingdon Press). New in 2014 are Snowflake Tiara (Romantic fiction celebrating MT statehood) and Charm Chats Bible study series coming in the fall.



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