A New Form of Exercise

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Anne Greenby Anne Greene

As a writer, I find it difficult to include exercise in my work day. Finding time for God, family, ministry, writing, critique group, choir practice, fellowship groups, doctor, dentist, hair and nail appointments and luncheons with friends leaves very little time for exercise.

So, exercise too often gets bumped. And the pounds start adding up. Not to mention that the body needs exercise to perform well.

I begin my workday at nine. After breakfast and devotions, I put in eight hours at the computer. Now I could wake at 5:00 am and begin work earlier . . . or exercise at that time. But I’m not an early bird. And I dislike exercising.

You probably have a heavy schedule as well. So, I’ll share a fun exercise that adds a lovely element to my busy life, and could work for you as well.

DaredevilsI discovered dance. David danced before the Lord. I dance with my husband.

Last Valentine’s Day, we attended a dance at a recreation center. I was stunned. Rather than rocking back and forth and taking a few steps one way and then the other as my husband and I did, the people attending danced the waltz, cha cha, tango, rumba and swing. I got inspired.

We purchased a few ballroom dance videos and rolled up the carpet in our den. We are slow learners. But we enjoy trying new dance steps. Dance turned out to be fantastic exercise, and to date I have lost 12 pounds. Authorities tell us we add good wiring to our brain when we learn something new . . . and they suggest dance as an excellent tool for keeping the brain young.

Dear husband and I alternate country western and line-dancing with ballroom. If you don’t have a partner, invite a friend to join you. Dancing is fun, good exercise and builds your brain.

Dance isn’t for everyone, but David danced, and you might like it too.

“Then David danced before the Lord with all his might.” II Samuel 6:14

Anne Greene is the author of Angel with Steel Wings, Red Is for Rookie, Masquerade Marriage and Marriage by Arrangement, and novellas: “The Marriage Broker and The Mortician,” “A Texas Christmas Mystery,” “A Christmas Belle,” “Keara’s Escape,” “Daredevils,” “Spur of the Moment Bride,” “Avoiding the Mistletoe,” “A Groom for Christmas,” “Firecracker Bride,” “A Fool for Love” and “Recipe for a Husband.” Visit Anne at AnneGreeneAuthor.com and http://www.facebook.com/AnneWGreeneAuthor. You can purchase Anne’s books on MTL Bookstore.


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