A Prayer for Me from My Great-Great-Grandmother

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Kathy Howardby Kathy Howard

The letter was dated March 26, 1914. I carefully unfolded the fragile, yellowed paper and struggled to read the faded ink. I found the letter in an old metal box at my parents’ house. Addressed to Howell Adam Shouse, my great-grandfather on my mother’s side, it was written by his mother, Mary Dozier Shouse, more than a century ago.

Much of the news was what you’d expect—who’d been sick, who’d gotten married, and how she longed to see her “dear son.” But one particular paragraph brought tears to my eyes:

Shouse letter 2“Oh, how much I do pray for you every single morning and night. I pray mightily to the Lord that you Howell and your children may be convicted and converted and sanctified. Never a day do I miss. May God hear and answer my prayers and save us all in heaven.”

Mary Dozier, my great-great-grandmother prayed daily for the spiritual well-being of her son and his children. She faithfully petitioned God to make them aware of their need for a Savior; to draw them into a saving relationship with Jesus; and to grow them up into the likeness of Christ.

I felt her prayers also covered me. Long before I was born, my great-great-grandmother prayed for my eternal, spiritual good.

I don’t know the spiritual condition of Howell Adam Shouse, but I do know his daughter—my maternal grandmother—loved Jesus. She consistently pointed me toward the Lord. And my mother has done the same.

This century-old prayer both blessed and challenged me. May I also be faithful to lift prayers for my children and their children that matter for eternity.

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