A Teen’s Dream

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Miralee Ferrellby Miralee Ferrell

All my life I wanted a horse, but we lived in a rural town with a small yard and my parents weren’t horse savvy. I dreamed about horses, read books about them, and prayed I could own one. The day came when a lady asked if I’d like to exercise her horse which wasn’t being ridden. The black gelding lived in a moderate-sized field behind her house, and she told me I could ride there if I wanted to. She didn’t own a saddle, and if I remember correctly, only had a set of reins and a halter. I was young, ignorant, and untrained—the perfect combination for an accident, but was living my dream and so excited!

I climbed on a box and slipped onto the horse, then rode him at a walk around the fence line the first few times. But one day he took off at a canter. I held his mane and gripped with my knees, until he decided to swerve toward his head. He darted one way and I flew the other, spraining my wrist. The owner drove me home, but I didn’t care about the pain. I wanted to ride again. This wasn’t the first time I’d fallen off, and it wouldn’t be the last, although the owner decided it wouldn’t be on her horse. But a teen’s dream isn’t squashed that easily. Several years later, my new husband bought me my first horse, and my dream was complete.

Mystery RiderMiralee Ferrell’s debut novel released in the fall of 2007, and thirteen more have followed. Her historical western romance, Love Finds You in Sundance, WY, won the Will Rogers Excellence in Western Fiction award in 2012, and her first book in the three-book Love Blossoms in Oregon series, Blowing on Dandelions, hit the ECPA Bestseller list. Miralee and her husband have been married over 40 years and live in the beautiful Columbia Gorge in WA State, where she loves to ride horses, garden, take walks, play with her dogs, and minister to women.


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