A Woman of Faith

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While many Christians recognize the name of Charles H. Spurgeon, the beloved preacher and writer, few are familiar with the life and legacy of his wife, Susie.

Susie administered a book fund and an aid ministry that supplied books, money, clothes, and other supplies to needy pastors. She was a prolific author of five books and a major contributor to other publications (including the massive four-volume C. H. Spurgeon’s Autobiography). Biographer Richard Ellsworth Day, in his popular book about Charles Spurgeon, imagined that if Susie had not chosen to sink her individuality into Charles and his ministry, “she could have mounted the levels of Elizabeth Barrett Browning” in her own writing. In addition, Susie supported the Metropolitan Tabernacle, opened her home as a place of hospitality, served as the “Mother” of the Pastors’ College, and was even instrumental in planting a church.

Though her hopes, dreams and service were joined to Charles during his life and ministry, Susie also had a life filled with joys, sorrows, hopes, and dreams for twenty-two years prior to meeting the great preacher and for almost twelve years after his death. It was God’s provision of her parents, family, Christian leaders, friends, and experiences that helped mold Susie into a godly and persevering woman who became so beloved to her husband and so useful to the kingdom of God. And it was the grace of God that sustained her in the years following Charles’s death.

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