Action + Perseverance = The Winning Combination

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by Dr. Craig von Buseck

Spiritual laws exist in this life that are just as real and consequential as the physical laws of gravity and thermodynamics. Two of the most potent for accomplishing any goal are the laws of action and perseverance. These two laws must be understood and employed in order for any endeavor to be a success.

These two vital laws were missing in the generals who led the Army of the Potomac in the first three years of the American Civil War. Abraham Lincoln knew it, and so he sought a general who would make the necessary changes for victory. He found him in Ulysses S. Grant.

Grant explained his plan to employ the laws of action and perseverance. The general determined “to hammer continuously against the armed force of the enemy and his resources until . . . there should be nothing left of him.”

“The previous history of the Army of the Potomac had been to advance and fight a battle, then . . . to retreat . . .” noted Charles Dana of the War Department. “Grant did not intend to proceed in that way. As soon as he had fought a battle and had not routed Lee, he meant to move nearer to Richmond and fight another battle.”

Grant whittled away at Lee’s forces—troops the Confederacy could not replace—though it didn’t seem to the public and the press that he was winning any major victories. But Lincoln understood that the laws of action and perseverance were at play. “It is the dogged pertinacity of Grant that wins,” the President told his assistant, John Hay.

Despite the dire predictions of naysayers, Lincoln and Grant led the Union troops to keep pounding until victory was won. That November, Lincoln won re-election. The following April, Richmond fell and Lee surrendered at Appomattox.

Employing the laws of action and perseverance into your life strategy is one of the keys to success in any venture.

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