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Angie Bby Angela Breidenbach

My debut novel, A Healing Heart, is about heart health. The significance of writing about a character battling workaholism was part of the Lord’s orchestration to reach deep into my heart and prepare me for change.

I’m seeing layers of God’s journey with me surrounding A Healing Heart. We’re supposed to be excellent stewards of our bodies to carry out the plans God has for us. That means caring for my body through proper food consumption, exercise, and rest. Rest rejuvenates, but also regulates hormones in my body. Rest refreshes my attitude and raises my production level. Rest protects me from depression, burnout, and irritability.

Nap TimeI’ll ignore my body signals to intense fatigue to feed my work habit. I’m asking the Lord to help me honor the Ten Commandments, not just nine. Can you imagine not wanting a day off? God wants me fresh and available, not burned out. He’s asking me to embrace His plan.

One of my favorite verses is as convicting as the fourth commandment. 1 Corinthians 10: 23 (NIV) “I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but not everything is constructive.” Oh snap! Old Testament or New Testament, God’s not letting me out of this spot. He wants my whole heart healthy. It’s really all about my heart, you know, and it’s all about yours too.

What do you understand about your own heart health, both spiritual and physical?

Are you willing to change if God calls you to it?

I’d love to chat more about this topic with book clubs, Bible studies, or for an event either in person or online at your local bookstore.

Healing Heart

About A Healing Heart: What happens when the one man who can help is the one man she can’t trust? Workaholic, Mara Keegan, must heal her heart from loss and a heart attack before she can love again. But she has to trust her business to the one man that tried to destroy it. Will Joel find a place on her heart and on the memory quilt she’s making for her daughter’s graduation? But first, Mara must live!

A heart attack has stopped Mara Keegan in her tracks, leaving her daughter’s unfinished photo memory quilt hanging by a thread. Little does Mara know, this quilt—and the memories it bolsters—are the key to her rehabilitation. But Mara’s heart needs to be healed in more ways than one. And Joel Ryan is fraying her last nerve. With her daughter’s graduation fast approaching, even Mara starts to wonder if she—and her faith—can mend in time. Will Joel’s photo find a place on the quilt… and in Mara’s heart?

Angela Breidenbach is a speaker, coach, and author of A Healing Heart, April 2013 from Abingdon Press in the Quilts of Love series. Her family tradition is to create the life story on a photo memory quilt for each graduating senior. She is certified in mentor/peer counseling as a  CTA life coach, as a Stephen Minister, and a weight loss/nutrition coach in Missoula, MT. Contact Angela to speak for your group or follow her on Facebook or Twitter: @AngBreidenbach


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