All the Plans of Mice and…

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Angela Breidenbachby Angela Breidenbach

I bet your mind filled in the missing word in the title, didn’t it? The expectation is there even if the word is missing. I had an expectation of my plans for the fall. I’d write a book, organize my office, start my iTunes radio show, begin another book… and then it all came to a halt when my dad had a stroke. All my plans changed drastically as I took over managing his estate in the midst of grief and shock.

So many “important” plans I had. None, not even writing a book or starting the new radio show, were as important as getting to him. Then none of my plans were important when it came to saying goodbye to Dad. What was important? Spending precious moments telling Dad I loved him, making sure all the grands and great grands (who were old enough to talk) had a chance to say goodbye, holding family members as they cried, and then following his wishes. Key point — his wishes, not mine. His plans for what should happen after he passed so he could care for his family. His plans superseded mine.

So what happened to my plans then? Dates changed, new plans replaced old, and I understood my life couldn’t look like it did before. I needed to set a course that included a long-term trustee position. Everything flipped upside down from my familiar schedule, from my plans.

Snowflake TiaraDad took great pride and joy in my career. He loved our regular phone chats, asking for reports on books and speaking. He’d tell me about his travel, tomatoes, and trains. It’s hard not being able to call and talk about the stuff of life. A couple of times I picked up the phone only to remember he can’t answer anymore. I can’t quite bring myself to delete his photo and number in my cell even though the account is closed. There’s a missing man now, but I won’t stop planning. I have a feeling Dad will expect a full report when we meet in heaven. I’d better have a good one prepared because if Dad doesn’t ask, I know God will. I don’t want to disappoint either one of them.

Will I write those books? Sure. Will I get started recording the iTunes show? Sure. I just know flexibility is crucial when it comes to all the plans of mice and…

Angela Final 3 - Version 2Angela Breidenbach is a captivating speaker, radio personality, and president of the Christian Author Network. As a Montana author it’s one of her favorite places to write about whether in an historical or contemporary setting. Novels by Angela Breidenbach set in Montana include Snowflake Tiara, Eleven Pipers Piping (Christmas 2014), and A Healing Heart. And yes, you’ll be hearing more about an upcoming radio show on iTunes.


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