Are You a Fence Builder or a Fence Destroyer?

0 comments Posted on July 31, 2014

SONY DSCby Kathy Howard

Our neighbors are building a fence. They moved in several months ago, but until recently the property line between our driveway and their backyard was wide-open. I knew when Dad played catch with his three sons and enjoyed their beautiful landscaping.

But all that began to change when I left town for a quick trip. The first thing I noticed when I returned was the sturdy wooden posts firmly planted in the ground every few feet along the property line. Within days, cedar fencing replaced the unobstructed view into my neighbors’ yard.

I’m not against suburban fences. But watching that physical fence go up reminded me of other kind of fences we tend to build, particularly between ourselves and God. Our heavenly Father longs for intimate fellowship with us. He invites us to know Him fully and deeply. Yet a lack of holiness in our lives erects a barrier.

Embraced by HolinessDo you long for deeper intimacy with your heavenly Father? God longs to draw us close, so He calls us to share in His holiness. This call to holiness is also an invitation to draw close to the Holy One.

LORD, who may dwell in your sanctuary? Who may live on your holy hill? He whose walk is blameless and who does what is righteous. Psalm 15:1-2a

Sin builds barriers and creates distance between each of us and God. Holiness breaks down barriers and moves us ever closer. A pursuit of holiness is a pursuit of God Himself. Sweet believer, let’s tear down that fence!

Kathy Howard is the author of 6 books, including Embraced by Holiness: The Path to God’s Daily Presence. This 6-week, interactive study practically explores why believers should pursue holiness and how living a holy life will draw us into the circle of our holy God’s loving embrace. Kathy writes to have something to do while drinking coffee and eating chocolate. Find out about her Bible studies and get discipleship and leader helps at her website:



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