Are You Trusting Me?

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Christine Lindsayby Christine Lindsay

Excerpt from Captured by Moonlight:

Their disguises wouldn’t bear much inspection, but it might be enough to get them through the jostling crowd. Minutes later when Eshana and Laine had changed, Maurice whispered to them to place the young girl Chandra into a long crate, with holes gouged here and there and filled with straw.

Eshana helped him lift the girl into the crate, whispering to her in Hindi, “Do not be afraid at this confinement, Chandra. It is only for a short time, and then you will be released, free to enjoy the good things God is preparing for you. Are you trusting me?”

In my fictional novel a young Indian girl is smuggled out of the city in a wooden crate to take her to safety and eventually to a better life. It’s an uncomfortable confinement for the girl, and for a while would seem deathlike as she lays in something similar to a coffin.

As a writer I enjoy putting symbols and metaphors into what appears to be ordinary speech early in the novel. It’s not until later in the story that this small scene has its deeper meaning explained and the reader gets that ah-ha moment when they understand that the question “Are you trusting me?” is what God is asking each of us.

Have you ever felt totally confined by your circumstances so that it feels unbearable, deathlike? You can’t bear it any longer?

Is it possible that God is saying to you, “Do not be afraid of this confinement, these set of circumstances. It is only for a short time, and then you will be released to enjoy all the good things I have prepared for you.”

Take heart, the author of our lives knows what He is doing. Trust Him.

Captured by Moonlight

Captured by Moonlight Book 2 of the trilogy Twilight of the British Raj by Christine Lindsay


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