A Better Plan

0 comments Posted on June 1, 2021

by Jonathan Evans

When you look at characters in the Bible and how God used them, He always changed their plans. Sarah was old enough to be a grandmother by the time she got pregnant with her son of the promise. Noah had no ambition to be a boat builder in a world without rain. David wasn’t daydreaming of becoming a king as he watched over the sheep. None of these individuals had thoughts set on where God was taking them. This is because God was taking them to a totally different place. He was not merging His thoughts with theirs. He was sticking to His own because His path contained the promise of true greatness.

The plan I had for my life—that of playing in the NFL for ten years, then settling down and having a family, wasn’t the plan God had for me. I had it all scoped out in my mind: I’d play as a fullback for ten years. I’d save all my money. Then I’d get married, go buy a house in a tropical location, simulcast some teachings with my dad while sitting on a beach and experiencing the luxuries of life. I had already dreamed all of this up when God grabbed ahold of my arm and said, “Stay here with Me.”

Now, God knows how many years I wasted reaching back for my own dreams while He kept holding firmly to my hand saying, “Jonathan, stay here with Me. My plan is better than all of that. You just can’t see it yet.” And we do that, don’t we? We postpone our own God-given promises by reaching back for what was never ours.

Many of you may be on a similar journey, tugging on the hand of God trying to free yourself rather than surrendering to His lead in your life. You’re looking at what you’ve lost and you’re still trying to come up with ways to get it. You’re scheming. You’re strategizing. You’re trying to work it out. But God is holding you firmly, saying, “Stay here with Me.”

Or it might be you feel like you’ve finally reached that place where all your bills get paid, you get enough free time to make work worth it, and you don’t want to rock the boat. But God is saying, “Go here with Me.” He’s pulling you in a direction away from the space you are in now that is so comfortable. You are settled. You don’t want to grind anymore. Abraham was old and settled by the time God told him to get up and head over to Canaan. Canaan wasn’t comfortable. Canaan was full of enemies, dangers, and the great unknown. The unknown, on its own, is enough to keep most of us planted firmly where we are.

But when God calls you, expect the unexpected. Know there will be unknowns. God’s calling is never to settle you. Rather, it is often to rip you from your comfort zone so you no longer depend on your-self, your skills, and your own understanding. God told Abraham, in short: Leave your country. Leave your relatives. Leave your father’s house. Leave what you know. Leave the comfort. Leave the couch. Go.

God doesn’t mind waiting to deliver your promise until you prove yourself trustworthy in following Him during these times of testing. He wants to make sure you are ready for the promise when you reach it.

Jonathan Evans, Your Time Is Now, Bethany House Publishers, a division of Baker Publishing Group, © 2021. Used by permission.

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