A Kingdom Marriage Has Purpose & Pleasure

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War, Peace, and Marriage
The absence of a kingdom purpose for marriage makes it appear as if many couples have been married by the secretary of war rather than the justice of the peace. Far too many couples today feel that marriage has turned into too much trouble, like the man who said, “My wife and I were happy for twenty years. And then we got married.”

KingdomMarriageMarriage is meant to be permanently satisfying
Friend, when God established marriage, He established it to last. It is only when we have removed ourselves from His purpose for our relationships that we face the untimely unraveling of what was meant to be permanently satisfying.

A young girl was entertaining herself by playing with her grandmother’s hands. When she asked why her grandmother’s wedding ring was so large and gaudy, the grandmother sighed and then smiled and said, “Child, it’s because when I got married, rings were made to last.”

Kingdom coupleS share a purpose, not just passion
The problem today is that we have transposed the benefit of marriage with the goal, so that when the benefit–happiness–is not working out, we quit and move on, or we resign ourselves to living a life of unhappiness. A large percentage of marriages end in divorce, and many couples who remain together do so out of economic or practical constraints, not love and a shared purpose. Again, kingdom couples share a purpose, not just passion. Emotions change, but the purpose remains and is what can tie two people together until death do they part.

Our goal as married couples is not only to mirror God in the visible realm predicated on His reality in the invisible realm, but also to transfer the perfection of that image to our children as we raise kingdom kids. Simply put, the mission of marriage is to manifest and replicate the image of God in history, as well as to carry out His divinely mandated dominion (“let them rule”). Dominion essentially means ruling on God’s behalf in history so that history comes underneath God’s authority. The blessings God promised, and that we so desire to experience in marriage, were to be the outgrowth of men and women fulfilling God’s purpose of reflecting His image and managing together His creation under His rule. Happiness is to be a benefit of a strong marriage but not the goal. The goal of marriage is to reflect God through the advancement of His kingdom on earth. Happiness occurs as an organic outgrowth when this goal is pursued.

To learn more about pursuing a kingdom marriage, read Kingdom Marriage: Connecting God’s Purpose with Your Pleasure by Dr. Tony Evans.

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  • 07/14/2020
    Jana Brockman said:

    My husband has decided to leave our marriage of 18 years because he says we have a “loveless”marriage. He has been involved for over a year with a much younger woman. He is trying to tell me that Tony Evans said in his book, Kingdom Marriage, that you should leave a loveless marriage. I love my husband very much and I think he is making a huge mistake. Do you have any advice for me? He will not go to counseling. Thanks so much.


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