A Testimony of Faith

0 comments Posted on September 1, 2016

by Sheri Rose Shepherd

God loves you and wants to have a relationship with you. I don’t know what holds you back from thriving in the freedom Christ promises, but I do know from personal experience what it’s like to feel powerless and defeated. I have walked through many painful places in my life. I grew up in a dysfunctional home—both of my parents were married and divorced three times each, and I’ve been a part of five blended families. When I needed comfort, I turned to food. When I was in pain, I used drugs and alcohol to escape.

Eventually both food and drugs became horrible addictions. I made many poor choices, burned many bridges, and nearly destroyed my mind and body. I believed I was destined for destruction. I wanted desperately to crawl out of the deep, dark hole of despair I found myself in, but the harder I tried, the deeper I fell.

But through all these difficulties, my heavenly Father was pursuing me. I called out to God in a desperate hour, and He heard my cry. He rescued me, and by His grace I was pulled out of my hole and given the strength I needed to turn my life around. Each day, I live for Him.

I’ve been writing books, teaching the Word of God, and speaking at women’s conferences for over 25 years, and one thing I’ve discovered is that no matter how much we love the Lord, somehow we still have moments when we feel anything but free. But our Savior paid too high a price on the cross for us to live powerless lives. I love sharing the story of God’s grace and faithfulness in my own life. Through my story of faith and perseverance, I hope to touch the lives of many other women who struggle with guilt, shame, and feelings of hopelessness. I pray that God will use my story to help others thrive.

ThriveI have learned so much from my own life experiences, from talking to women around the world, and from my personal study of God’s Word that has helped me develop a thriving relationship with Christ. And praise God, He has given me the opportunity to write devotional material for women so I can share what I’ve learned with women worldwide.

Whether your life experiences have been similar to or very different from mine, the truth is that everyone experiences pain in their lives and needs God’s gift of freedom. If your heart longs to be free, I would be honored if you would allow me to take you through a one-year journey of faith, freedom, and thriving in Christ with THRIVE. Together we will look to God’s Word to work through the many battles we women face every day. Together, in God’s power, we can and will walk in the freedom our Savior gave His life for us to have!

I am praying for you to experience God’s blessings and breakthroughs as you learn to thrive in every area of your life!

Allow me to pray for you as you begin your journey of thriving in Christ.

Dear God,

I pray for each woman who longs to be in a thriving relationship with You. I pray that You will draw near to them and hold them in Your loving arms. Help these women who come to You in great need to see themselves as you see them—as forgiven and loved daughters of the King. Father, heal your hurting daughters and break the chains of guilt and shame that hold them captive. Help Your daughters to put their faith in You and trust You alone to sustain them. Thank You for loving us no matter what we’ve done, and thank You for sending Your Son to save us and make a relationship with You possible. I pray that You will come close to your daughters and that they may experience a thriving relationship with You always. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Sheri Rose Shepherd is an award-winning author, Bible life coach and humorist with over one million books sold. Her life experiences help her identify with almost any woman’s battle. She grew up in a broken home and was severely overweight as a teen; she also experienced depression, dyslexia and an eating disorder. Through God’s strength, Sheri Rose has become a bestselling author and popular speaker at events nationwide, including Women of Joy and Extraordinary Women. Her weekly video devotions are featured on Bible Gateway. Visit her online at hisprincess.com.

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