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0 comments Posted on October 1, 2016

by Joel R. Beeke & James A. La Belle

Change is everywhere. The spirit of revolution is in the air. Change is good when the glory of God motivates people to turn from sin to righteousness. But sadly, the pursuit of moral autonomy drives the present moral revolution, resulting in changes from bad to worse. And this revolution aims at shaking up everything and sparing nothing—not even marriage.

livinggodlymarriageIf we ever thought that the biblical view of marriage was so ingrained in our cultural mindset and moral milieu that movement away from it was impossible, the upheavals of our day have proven that assumption to be false. All around us, we are witnessing the dissolution of marriage as created by God and celebrated in His Word. People are redefining marriage to suit their sinful desires. Christians face a flood of pressures to move marriage away from its God-given purposes.

Living in a Godly Marriage was written with this crisis in mind. This important book enters the conversation with the biblical insights and directives of the Puritans to recover marriage as a God-ordained and God-governed institution and to strengthen existing marriages against the dissolution which threatens them on all sides. As Puritan scholars, Beeke and La Belle mine the wealth of Puritan sermons and treatises to bring us a book on marriage that’s grounded upon the word of God, who alone has the authority to define and govern marriage, centered upon Jesus Christ, whose relationship with the church is the preeminent model marriage, and aimed at equipping men and women to live together in a godly marriage.

Addressing the subject of marriage with a breadth and depth that are rare today, this book offers an essential guidance in the midst of our cultural and moral confusion. It is a biblical, persuasive and comprehensive resource that covers:

  • The definition of marriage as an institution created and honored by God.
  • The blessings which crown marriage.
  • The exhortations which govern it.
  • The purposes and benefits of marriage under God’s blessing.
  • The importance of marrying in the Lord.
  • The duties of marriage, grounded in God’s Word and empowered by God’s grace.

Whether you’re seeking to be married or have been married for a long time, Living in a Godly Marriage is a refreshing and edifying read. We highly recommend it.

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