Called by the Fall

4 comments Posted on November 1, 2018

by Carolanne Miljavac

It’s not like us to wake up each day feeling a spirit of joy in the midst of a fallen world and all its tragedies. Have you noticed lately how available negativity is? Between the news and social media, you are bombarded with anger, hate, worry and fear sun up to sun down. When is the last time you felt joyful? When is the last time you laughed without fear of the future? Peace seems almost extinct within the culture today. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As followers of Christ we are called to stand out. We aren’t supposed to make sense to the world around us. We are supposed to be confusing as we have an unseen supplier of smiles. Our joy doesn’t come from the world and therefore can’t be stolen by it either. Easier said than felt right? I understand.

According to the world, I was just a poor little country bumpkin from the trailer park. My potential was limited by my circumstances. I was worth less than almost everyone around me. My innocence was lost when I was seven behind a locked bedroom door with my older cousin. By the time I was nine, I already believed all the enemy’s lies. My mind was full of strongholds relating to my worth and potential. Self-doubt, insecurity, shame and guilt shadowed my existence. Is there anything in your life that has stripped you of embracing who you are in Christ? Something rooted deep that you haven’t acknowledged or dealt with?

So many of us believe the lies behind our identity crisis. The lie that we aren’t enough. Enough for love, joy, success and peace. The lie that we don’t deserve to be happy, secure and free to be ourselves. The world confirms that to us over and over. We allow these beliefs to run circles in our thoughts, spilling over into our actions. Think about that. If your thoughts influence your actions and your actions decide the capacity at which you live your life, where would the enemy attack to render you useless? He wants to plant deceptions about who you are and what you’re worth deep into your mind so you will stand in the way of God’s calling on your life. You are meant to be a vessel. You have gifts, talents and experiences that make you capable of a purpose only you can fulfill. The enemy tries to remind you of all of your weaknesses, but God says, “my strength is made perfect in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9).

So, when the world says you are weak when you aren’t perfect, God says you are perfect because you are weak. Only He can show you how each of your imperfections make you exactly “oddly enough” for the calling He has placed on your life.

I learned the power of forgiveness from my molester, perseverance from oppressors, and the value of life when I lost my niece to cancer. Your deepest ditches teach the deepest lessons. Lessons that a life living for God will want to pass on to as many people as possible. He shows you that there’s nothing the enemy can throw at you that He won’t use for you.

So get excited because that means Romans 8:28 rings true. God works for the good in all things for those called according to His purpose. If you believe this, you’ll be able to face the ups and downs of life with a spirit of joy. You’ll be able to break away from the chains placed on you by the limitations of people and opinions. You will be able to grow and learn every single day through each experience that comes your way. This makes you untouchable. You won’t be controlled by your emotions when you know you’ve been chosen. Chosen for more than the wilderness. You have a promise-land available to you, when you realize who you belong to.

Jesus died for you for a reason. You have not been forgotten. You are everything He says you are. Loved, called, wanted, seen, gifted and created for a purpose.

What’s so wonderful about the way God works is each setback you face increases your worth. You are qualified by character built in the fall. So when you get up, you have more to pass on. Every challenge we survive makes us stronger. It’s that strength that we are capable of depositing into others. That’s the purpose in pain. You heal by helping others, or you wallow and stay the same. This is how we maintain a spirit of joy when life is hard. This is how we tap into peace when we hurt. By passing onto others what we’ve learned.

So no matter what you’ve been through, what’s been done to you, or what you’ve done, you can rely on the truth that what made you feel less than is what actually makes you oddly enough.

Carolanne Miljavac is an author, speaker, influencer and creator of comedic viral videos online. She has three daughters and a super lucky husband, according to herself.

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  • 11/02/2018
    Lauren Palka said:

    Very interested. I was molested as a child from age 4 to 15.

  • 11/02/2018
    Roxanne Mitchell said:

    Beautiful person, wonderful & powerful testimony, honest writer!

  • 11/07/2018
    Angela Brannan said:

    I have read her book, Carolanne Miljavac comes to us in naked truth. She tells of a relatable journey for many of us & how God spoke to her to heal the lies of the enemy. We are all #OddlyEnough.

  • 11/07/2018
    Jessi Frazer said:

    I’ve been questioning myself lately, my faith, my worth. I’m a first time mom and this past year with my son has been a roller coaster. There’s been so many times I’ve wanted to give up and the author of this article has “spoken” to me through her uplifting words and down to earth advice. Thank you CA


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