Celebrating & Cherishing Your Friendships

0 comments Posted on February 4, 2013

by Susan Lenzkes

What a gracious gift God gives to us in those treasured people we are privileged to call friends.  Certainly it takes time and love to develop such relationships, but it is worth the investment. Friends are essential to our joy and growth—indeed, to our very survival at times. I wrote a little poem first published in Crossing the Bridge Between You and Me (Discovery House, 1994) that defines and celebrates this cherished gift.

51OfEuAX+-L._SL500_AA300_A friend is
  the soul’s close neighbor,
    one from whom   
       we borrow freely
              a pound of laughter,
              a teaspoon of advice,
              a cup of encouragement,
              a loaf of love.

How wonderful that
the gate between such friends is
always open.

There have been times in my life when, due to overwhelming stress, loss and sorrow, I probably wouldn’t have found myself at the Savior’s feet when I most needed it if friends hadn’t prayerfully “chopped a hole in the roof and lowered me on a pallet,” asking for His healing touch and strength.

There have also been times when my joy was doubled and my sanity restored to balance because God brought friends to share life’s succession of “sunshine” and “storms.” Friends are especially gifted at the joyous art form of encouragement.

I try to pass on the favor of such friendship, even through my writing. If my book Sunshine & Storms encourages you, I am so thankful. If you share it with a friend who needs to be encouraged, I thank God that you are a caring and treasured friend of His.


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