Created For A Cause

0 comments Posted on April 27, 2012

by Hannah Farver

You and I are most alive when we are passionate about something.  Our brains speed up. We become more sensitive to our surroundings. Our emotions take an exit from “Average,” and we start to feel intensely. I think there’s a meaning behind this phenomenon.

We were hardwired for passion. Not just momentary emotional highs. Not short-lived bursts of inspiration. You and I were created to have overall purpose etched into our lives. That purpose becomes a passion that— whether we always feel it or not—helps to guide our decisions and defines the way we live.

We’re meant to have a cause—a mission. There’s a reason for the “wildness in us.”

Though school, relationship drama, worries, and the general buzz of life can steal our attention away—we’re meant for more. Our wildness was created on purpose, an echo of our Creator. Call it a longing for forever in a world of what’s temporary; call it a cry to the heavens for some unbroken place to stand. We were created for God. While we may funnel our passion in other things—like school, friends, status, success, popularity, and daily worries—we were originally designed to funnel our passion to giving God glory.

We were made for more than a list of causes. We were made for One.

Some people who recognized their particular wildness allowed their lives to be changed, single-mindedly pouring all their passion into that single purpose. One young mother in ancient Africa threw herself so completely on the Cause that when the emperor himself tried to make her give it up, she chose imprisonment instead. Time after time, Perpetua was commanded to give up the Cause. She refused, even as she faced the beasts in the arena that would take her life.

One Scottish woman became so passionate about the Cause that she determined to share it with others. Amy Carmichael left home and traveled to India, where she worked to rescue orphan girls from sex slavery, long before sex trafficking became a widely publicized issue.

Like heroes and history-changers throughout time, you know you were made for something beyond yourself. If you’ve ever felt afraid of that ultimate purpose, don’t be. It’s wooing you. You’ve felt it sneak up on you, taking a giant spoon and stirring up your soul, calling you in a voice that seeps into your bones and makes itself unforgettable.

The ultimate Cause is calling you. If we come face to face with the Cause, we will never be the people we were before.

Too often, we confuse the Cause with other causes with small c’s. I’ve mistaken it tons of times, pursuing wild goose chases like beauty, acceptance, and even “respectable causes” like other people’s esteem or love. But those chases have left me empty-handed, feeling silly and used.

This book is about the big Cause and the little causes that get in the way, how the Cause affects our lives, and how there’s enough room and mission and purpose and passion in the Cause to go around.

Now, I realize this is a book and we’re not technically spending time together. I want to clarify that right off. I always feel a little creeped-out when I read a book where the author pretends she knows me and that I’m her best friend. I’ll be upfront and say, “I don’t know you at all.”

If we ever do meet, I can’t promise you’ll like me. I have an opinion on almost everything, and if the other person in conversation is very quiet, I feel the need to fill up the air with the sound of my own voice. I jump into decisions impetuously. I like over-produced, auto-tuned pop music. Clearly, I’m a very imperfect person. So please don’t take this book as me preaching at you. If I do come across as preachy, just shake your head. Remember I’m that girl with problems and you’re a girl with problems too, and maybe if we’re honest truth-seekers who speak in enough love, we’ll come out of this feeling a little better and a little wiser. Scratch that. I can’t promise we’ll be “a little better and a little wiser”—and I’m not even sure that’s a good goal to have. Who wants only “a little” of anything good? Frankly, I’m not sure I can even deliver that.

Here’s the only thing I can say: If you and I come face to face with the Cause, I guarantee we will never be the people we were before. We will cease to revolve around the sun as our lives find a new, blazing center. Our search for a purpose to define our existence will end. We will not run out of questions, but we will, at last, find the Answer to all things.


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