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Dear Deborah,

Our son has been offered a summer internship that doesn’t pay anything. He wants to earn some money, and is considering working at the restaurant where he had a part-time job last summer. What should he do?

Although he may have good intentions, he needs to be cognizant of the benefits of an internship. It can often make the difference between searching for work for long stretches of time or securing a job right out of college.

An internship opens the door to your career path. It helps you strengthen your skills and knowledge about the business or company. You can learn about the company culture and what skills and attributes are needed to be successful at the job.

Taking the internship in a business you are considering for a career helps to speed up the process of finding work you like. It helps you to ascertain whether the job suits you or your work style and personality. In a recent survey developed by Office Team, 59% of  human resource managers polled said they misjudged their employees’ fit with their company. Also, 85% of the administrative professionals and HR managers polled said their companies had employees leave because they were “not suited to the firm’s work environment.” Source:

Careers are made one building block at a time. With the job market being tight now, your son may regret passing up this new work experience and opportunity. Encourage him to take the internship. With patience, dedication, and hard work it will pay dividends.

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