Declaration Of Independence

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An Interview with John Waller

What prompted you to start The Joshua 24:15 Declaration to reclaim your family for the Lord?

I had a revelation two years ago that I had become enslaved by my dreams and ambitions. My pursuit to be accepted in the mainstream Christian music industry had become an idol. One that controlled my emotions and devotions. One that never met my needs or loved me back. My idolatry gave the enemy an open door to my life and family. I was miserable and could no longer carry the burden. I finally said to my wife…“I’m done building my own kingdom. Done carrying the burden of a modern day idol.” I don’t want to pass this idol of success, performance and man-pleasing on to my children.

Why now?

Desperation. I also believe strongly the day of the Lord’s return is near and He’s calling His own out of idolatry. If I am to be useful for His kingdom I have to die to my own. Letting go of something like a dream is extremely difficult, but I can honestly say I have freedom and joy again.

Why should it start with men?

I heard a quote that goes something like this…“if you win a man, you win a household.”  Biblically men are called and appointed by God to lead their families.

Throughout the Old Testament, God is calling Israel to turn away from their idols and return to Him. What are the idols or counterfeit gods that enslave men today?

I have named several that I have struggled with.  I attack several in my video such as success, greed, pornography, infidelity, image, drugs and alcohol. There are too many to even scratch the surface. We can make an idol out of anything and we do.  I wrote a song years ago called “I Choose You” which said “everybody’s worshipping something.” Idols like pornography and sin  that is sexual in nature is probably the number one snare keeping men from walking close to God and from being able to lead their families. It was true then and is still true today.

Putting our hope in anything other than the Lord will lead to disappointment. Why then do Christian men turn to things other than God?

Because we don’t know Him well enough to truly believe He’s enough to satisfy us. If you know the truth about God, you will be set free from idolatry.

What does Joshua 24:15 mean to you?

It means a line drawn in the sand. A decision made that will strongly affect my three sons and two daughters, not to mention my future grandchildren. It doesn’t mean I’ll be perfect or that I won’t stumble at times.  It’s a daily decision to die to myself and follow after the heart of my Father.

What is your vision for this album?

To solidify this and other truths in thousands of men and women’s lives. The Word of God and personal testimony put to music is a powerful combination for life transformation.  I’m going to do my part until He comes. I love hearing testimonies of how the Lord uses a song to come along side of one of His children to encourage them to keep going. It’s a privilege to be used by Him to build His Kingdom!


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