Family Dynamics

0 comments Posted on September 1, 2018

by Russell Moore

Family has come to mean many things to many different people. But how do you define family in light of the cross?

In his latest book, The Storm-Tossed Family, Dr. Russell Moore explains how—for better or for worse—family is an echo of the gospel.

“Bound up in a storm is both a blessing and a curse,” Moore says. “And in both the blessing of rain, and the peril of the storm, we lose all of our illusions of control. Family is like that too: the source of life-giving blessing but also of excruciating terror, often all at the same time.”

No family is perfect. And because family members are the people you expect to be there for you—in times of happiness or sorrow, it can hurt the most when they don’t come through the way you wanted.

“These families of ours can be filled with joy,” he says, “but will always make us vulnerable to pain. And the joy and the pain are pointing us to the same place: the cross.”

Family is important. It often defines who we become. But in a larger sense, Moore says our families show us the way to the cross.

“We are shaped and formed by family, in all sorts of routine and unexceptional ways that we may never even notice or remember,” Moore explains. “However, we must see the family clearly, but we must see beyond it. The only safe harbor for a storm-tossed family is a nail-scarred home.”

The Storm-Tossed Family will help readers see how your family can lead you to the cross.

“Your family, whatever it is, will bless you, maybe in ways you don’t even notice in the blur of business at the moment,” Moore says. “Stop and notice these blessings. Listen to what God is telling you through them. They will lead you where you never expected to go. But this is no reason for fear. The path before you is the way of the cross.”

And Moore reminds readers that whether you are married or single, whether you long for a child or are shepherding a full house, you are part of a family.

“The church is a household economy, where all of us use our gifts for the sake of the mission,” Moore says. “The fact that every person has a gift for the upbuilding of the rest of us is one more way of God signaling to us that we belong. We are wanted. We are loved. . . . We are family. That means no Christian lives alone, and no Christian dies alone. There’s no such thing as a ‘single’ Christian.”

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