Family Game Night

0 comments Posted on April 27, 2012

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3

by Kirk Blank, MTL Executive Director

Remember the days before e-mail, tweets, Wii and satellite television? I fondly remember setting up the Monopoly board on the wobbly card table in the basement and sorting through the pieces with great anticipation of playing the game with my family. I think today we’re so busy that most of us can’t even imagine slowing down enough to play a game—let alone make it a regular part of our family’s routine!

As a father of seven, I see how fast the years go by, and I don’t want to miss the chance to spend time with my children. Maybe you can relate? Here are three easy steps for beginning a family game night with your family.

1. Choose A Night. Yes, this may sound rather simple but it really will present your biggest challenge. Get serious about scheduling a date when all of the family can join in—and be consistent. Consistency will provide you with the best chance of getting your family together and build a positive routine. Remember, when you schedule a date and time, this will allow everyone to get the chores and duties taken care of so that they can fully engage in the game night. (Turn off the television. Let the phone go to voice mail. By showing your children that you’re taking this seriously, they will too.)

2. Build Up A Supply of Games. Dust off those old games that have been in the coat closet for years. Some of the more common games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Clue and Candy Land can easily be purchased at local yard sales. Your local Christian store is a great resource for faith-based and family friendly games. Want to play a faith-based, biblical game? Try Find It (Noah), Outburst Bible Edition, Apples to Apples Bible Edition. Take turns selecting the game for the Family Game Night. This will provide variety and encourage participation.

3. Keep It Fresh. Be careful not to get stuck in the same routine. While the date and time of Family Game Night can and should be consistent, be sure to add a little variety to keep things fresh and exciting. Perhaps play charades or Twister instead of a board game. Pull out that huge box of LEGO’s and have a building contest or work to build biblical characters or places (Noah’s Ark, the Temple, or a chariot). Involve the children in preparing for the evening. Assign someone to help with the snacks, bake some brownies, make root-beer floats. Adding these treats will keep it fresh. Have fun!


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