Finding a Song When You’ve Lost your Joy

0 comments Posted on May 1, 2016

Why write a book about joy? Because many Christians tell me they only know joy when all is well with their world. Others say they experienced joy when they first came to know the Lord but when trouble came they ‘lost it’! Have you lost your joy? Do it seem like a long time since the Lord touched the heartstrings of your innermost being? Does your belief matter anymore? Where did you lose your joy? Surely joy is more than mere happiness! Many say it is often when trouble visits their life unannounced, they actually experience joy. They tell me: “the joy of the Lord is our strength!”

Heartstrings‘So what is joy?’ you may ask. Joy is not a feeling. The Bible tells us “in His presence is fullness of joy.” What does that mean? It means it is possible to know God, love God and find His Spirit impart to our souls not only His joy but His love, peace and strength to endure as well! So what happens to your heart when trouble comes? My husband says: “For many Christians, happiness depends on happenings happening to happen the way you happen to want your happenings to happen.” But joy can happen when your happenings don’t happen to happen the way you want them to happen! Even when the things that have happened to you and are still happening—hard things, tough things, heart wrenching things—the presence of God by His Spirit can sustain until “Joy comes in the morning!

So have you noticed we can’t organize our happenings as we want, when we want and how we want. Our bad happenings keep ‘happening to happen’ seemingly at all the worst times and in all the wrong ways! Have you wondered why God allows such hard things to happen to us at all? Didn’t He promise us nothing bad would happen to those who love Him?

Actually no, He didn’t promise nothing bad would ever happen to His children. He promised in fact we would suffer perhaps ‘because’ we were Christians! But, He also promised He would never leave us or forsake us whatever came our way. And He said, if we have received Him, by His Spirit His ‘present presence’ will supply His joy ‘in’ our troubles and trials and the “joy of the Lord would be our strength!” Joy is a settled sense of Presence that won’t quit because it has to do with the living God in the midst of all the pain and problems whatever they are.

We can hang up our joy in all sorts of places. Like fear. Fear is a ‘kill joy.’ Do you remember the angels’ message at Christmas? They brought a message of “glad tidings of great joy” that could overcome “fear.” Joy overcomes fear—and the angels said it had something to do with a Child that had been born and a Son that had been given.

Worry and fear, pain and sorrow snatch away our hearts’ laughter. But according to the angel of the Lord, there is a connection with a baby wrapped in a blanket in a horse trough and the joy of His coming as Savior and Lord! This child brought our sorry world the triumph of joy in sorrow.

I hope this book will help you when your happenings are not happening the way you want your happenings to happen! Remember: “Joy is Jesus—God in Galilean cloth, making our hearts smile!” That’s good news indeed!

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