Five Seconds of Awkward

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by Sadie Robertson

I have lots of cousins. You see some of them on Duck Dynasty, but we have a really big family, with even more cousins you have not met on the show. I am especially close to my cousin Katelyn, who’s on my mom’s side of the family. My mom babysat her when she was young, and she was one of my babysitters when I was little. Now she is a mom herself and is a great example to me of what it means to be a woman of God. She gives great advice and said something at a Bible study one night that I don’t think I will ever forget, something every teenager needs to hear: “Five seconds of awkward can save you from a lifetime of regret.”

I know. That’s powerful, right?

LiveOriginalWe have all had times when we feel awkward or insecure. Those experiences may or may not affect your everyday life. But here I’m talking about the times when something is happening that you know is not right, and you have to either walk away or speak up and stand up for what you believe. I’m talking about those moments you know will be awkward. People will notice when you suddenly leave a party or when you stop the gossip and say to your friends, “I don’t think this is right.” Or when your boyfriend tries to go too far and you have to speak up and tell him to stop. Some of these situations could carry more weight than others in the long run of your life.

In those moments, we can make bad decisions or good ones. If we make the wrong choice, the rest of our life could be really hard. If we make the right choice, we will grow in confidence, strength, and maturity because we have taken a stand for godliness and strong character. And when we look back on these times, we will feel good about ourselves instead of wishing we had done something different.

I’m sure you can think of some things that would cause a lifetime of regret, but I’ll list just a few. We need to understand how serious “a lifetime of regret” can be, because that should give us a lot of courage to stay away from situations that could cause it. For example: Getting in the car with a drunk driver. This could hurt or even kill people. On top of that, if you were to get seriously injured, it could keep you from living the life you’ve always dreamed of, and it could be extremely expensive in a lot of ways for your family.

Getting pregnant. This would definitely change your plans. You could miss out on some important opportunities and experiences because you would have to take on a lot of grown-up responsibilities before you’re ready to handle them.

Telling a lie to a teacher to cover up for something done wrong. If you were to get in big trouble for lying to a teacher, some people would never forget it and would not trust you again. Becoming a person of strong character is really important. Telling the truth is like an investment in good character. When people lie, they usually don’t get away with one little untruth; they end up feeling they have to weave a whole big complicated web of lies to keep their story going. Just always do your best to do the right thing, and if you don’t for some reason, then tell the truth about it so people will think of you as a person of integrity, not as someone who lies and cannot be trusted.

Excerpt from Live Original Published by Howard Books, A Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. Copyright © 2014 by Sadie Robertson.

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