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Lynda Randle

Lynda Randle’s latest project, entitled ‘Til the Storm Passes By, captures a new sound and new songs, plus some familiar favorites. MTL recently had the opportunity to hear from Lynda regarding her latest project as well as her personal and professional life. Whether she is sharing about growing up in a large, musical family (including her brother Michael Tait of Newsboys) or about the songs that have meant the most to her as the years go by, Lynda shares from her heart.

MTL: How has family played a part in your career?
LR: Love and balance. Without their love and support, I would have no balance in my life.

MTL: What led you to pursue a career in music?
LR: I never pursued a music career! God surprised me with this gift! I was going into fashion design and cosmetology, but God had other plans.

MTL: How did you get connected with the Gaither family?
LR: I sang at a women’s conference in Arizona, and Gloria was one of the main speakers. That was the beginning of a journey of a lifetime.

MTL: What do you enjoy most about singing?
LR: I really enjoy helping ease the burdens on the hearts of the people who attend my concerts by allowing them to experience the love of Christ in and through my songs and spoken testimony.

MTL: What’s the story behind the title for your latest album?
LR: I’ve been through more storms in the past two-and-a-half years—more than I ever imagined being able to bear;  and my loving Father has held me close through every single one of them, and He’s still holding me.

MTL: What has God taught you through this process?
LR: I can trust Him with my life.

MTL: I’m sure it’s hard to choose, but which song on ‘Til the Storm Passes By resonates with you the most and why?
LR: “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”…at the end of my day—the end of my journey—it was all about a cross! It was all about sacrifice, all about commitment and all about Jesus! I wouldn’t trade this life as a disciple and follower of Christ for anything.

MTL: What do you hope listeners will gain from this album?
LR: How deeply and intimately they are loved by our Father

MTL: What words of advice can you give to someone is going through a storm?
LR: God will safely lead you to the other side.  Don’t give up.  He won’t let you drown!

MTL: What CDs do you have in your car?
LR: Andrea Bocelli / praise and worship music / various

MTL: When you’re not recording or touring, what are you likely doing?
LR: Nothing and as much of it as possible…and spending more fun time with my wonderful family.

MTL: If you weren’t a singer, what would be your dream job?
LR: Mentoring young girls

MTL: What 3 personal qualities are most important to you?
LR: Integrity. Godly character. A forgiving heart.

February 7 
Current home: Kansas City, MO
Birthplace: Washington, DC
Husband: Michael Randle
Siblings: 6
Children: Patience and Joy Randle
High school and/or college: Riverdale Baptist High School / Liberty University


  • 08/08/2012
    Rose said:

    Lynda, your songs, encouragings words always gives me hope to face tomorrow with determination. I no longer coz i know my Redeemer liveth. God bless you and your family.

  • 08/09/2012
    Racheal Ameh said:

    Ur songs have really been wonderful and inspiring to me. Whenever i hear them, i’m always touched and blessed beyond measure. I pray the Lord will strengthen you to do more. God bless you richly!

  • 08/09/2012
    Paul said:

    Your voice touches many, and me also, to prepare the way of the Lord. You have been a blessing to me since the 1st time i got your album ‘God on the mountain’. I only see you on vcds. I hope God is gonna open a way for you to come to Kenya to minister, or maybe we meet somewhere in a conference or consert. Remain blessed.


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