From the Process to the Promise

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by Cora Jakes-Coleman

Processes are not easy. Think about all of the conflict and struggles a main character goes through in a novel or even a movie. Those intense struggles make the “aha moment” even better!

God is developing your purpose through your trial, and it’s likely that you are currently in the process—a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. The process of life cannot come without perseverance. Beware! You can lose your promise when you do not match the two together. It is important that whatever you go through in life, you go through it with perseverance while “faithing it”—using your faith to fight through trials to get to your promise.

You are designed by God to persevere. You are designed to face trials because you need them in order to get to the promise. Before you can get to what God has for you, you will have to face adversity.

Are you willing to go through the process in order to get to the thing God wants for you? Even if it means losing everything in order to gain more in the end?

Philippians 3:8 says, “Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ.”

You see, there is much to gain! Not only will you obtain God’s promises for your life, but you walk out of your process knowing Jesus!

faithing it-smLet’s consider Jesus. Jesus was a carpenter. He created things, and He was a builder. Jesus was God in the flesh, and it’s only natural that we will go through processes in life simply because Jesus was a builder. He was a carpenter, and carpenters know more than most that there is a process in everything that you want to create. They understand that you cannot make something without a process.

Step out of who you think you are and who people think you are, and begin to walk in what God spoke over you. And just in case you did not know who God said you are, then you need to just walk in the simple fact that you are a child of the King of kings. You are a child of a carpenter, and He is building you into something beautiful. Molded and created in His perfect image, you can walk in the fact that you are called to be great.

I believe that fighting and faith go hand in hand. That’s what gets us through these obstacles—our ability to stand before the mountain with faith and a fight and command the mountain to move. It will move!

God is molding you to be great. He is molding you to overcome. He is molding you into completion and maturity. You are not forgotten. You are worthy of your dreams and hopes. You are not being punished; you are being processed. You deserve to gain all God has for you. Do not limit yourself because the storms are raging, but look at the storm and say, “I will trust you, Lord.” If you were not meant to be anything, you would not have trials to face. If you were not meant to be strong and great, then you would need no molding.

You are God’s book, and right now, today, you are living out a page in that book. Is today’s page overwhelming you? Do you feel alone in this chapter of your life? As your sister and friend, I want to tell you that it is through your hurt that you become a hero. Every superhero has a villain, and every hero has a backstory. Will you let me pray for you right now?

I pray that God will give you the grace to endure the pain of the process. I pray that God will open your eyes to see the people who are for you and the people who are not. I pray that God will allow you to embrace this in a new way where you understand that your storms have been meant to make you grow stronger. 

I pray that God will ignite the purpose and gifting inside of you, that you might be able to go after your purpose with everything that you have. I pray that faith will be your encourager, that faith will be your pusher, that faith will be your strength, and that you begin to become a “faither.” I pray that you take on this challenge to become better than who you are, that you do not look behind you, and that you do not let the enemy keep you bound in the past, but that you challenge yourself to be even better than who you think you are supposed to be. I pray that you give God the ability to do great things in you through the journey you are on.

Excerpt from Faithing It by Cora Jakes Coleman, pgs. 28–32

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