Frozen Daffodils

0 comments Posted on January 4, 2013

by Darlene Stern

A few years ago, the promise of spring was in the air again. The grass was becoming green, birds were singing and flowers were beginning to burst forth from the ground. In some places, the crocus, daffodils and tulips had just begun to bloom.

Then the big freeze hit, and it wasn’t just an overnight event. The forecast called for a week of very unseasonably cold weather. The birds shivered. The grass grew a coat of white. The flowering plants froze solid and wilted.

On the second day of the big freeze, I set out to experiment. I cut all the frozen blossoming daffodils and brought them into the house. Within a few hours of putting them in water, they not only thawed and raised their heads but also began to permeate the air with their delicate fragrance. Those blooms lasted nearly a week in the house. What had appeared doomed to death came back to life.

Another week went by. Still cold outside. I found some daffodil buds that were close to bursting open and brought them into the house, too. Overnight in the warmer temperatures the buds began to open. What I had thought a lost cause was revived.

There are times in our lives when it seems like we’re frozen in a time warp. Nothing works out; nothing goes the way we want it to. We know there is more for us; we just can’t seem to get to it. We start out strong, but somewhere along the way we wither. We wilt from lack of encouragement and hope. It seems like this season will never end, and we’ll never get back on the right path.

When those times come, we need to recall the lesson of the frozen daffodils. What appears a lost cause can be brought back to life. There is hope for a better future. Our destiny is not aborted, just delayed. When we come into the warmth from out in the cold and drink the water of life, we are revived. Once more we can carry the promise of spring – a new birth, a restoration of hope – and see it come to pass.

Jesus told the woman at the well in John, chapter 4, that the water of life He could give her would thaw out her frozen time warp and she would have everlasting life. She believed Him – ‘drank’ the water of life He offered – and saw her world change immediately. She went to the people in her city (where she was well known, but not highly esteemed) to tell them about Jesus and what He had to offer. They went to check Him out for themselves. As a result, many of the people in that city were given the restoration of hope for everlasting life – their frozen time warp was thawed out, too.

No matter how bad things are in your life, God holds the answer and the promise for hope. Give Him the opportunity to demonstrate how precious you are to Him. You won’t be sorry you did.

Darlene Stern‘s writing was in a frozen time warp for a long time. Then MTL came along and brought her talents into the warmth of opportunity and her writing has blossomed nicely, hopefully spreading a measure of the fragrance of Christ unto you! You can reach Darlene at


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