God Can Heal Every Wound

0 comments Posted on March 1, 2016

by Juli Slattery & Linda Dillow

Sexuality is a powerful force. It draws us into relationships, compels us to risk being vulnerable, and is a key component of our identities as men and women. Within marriage, sexual intimacy is the most sacred experience two people can share. However, sexuality can also be a devastating force for harm. There is no betrayal like an intimate betrayal. No shame as deep as sexual shame. And no sin that seems to stick to us like sexual sin.

Let’s be honest. We are losing the battle over sexuality. Not just the battle “out there” in the culture, but the battle in our own hearts and in our own homes. Why are so many Christian marriages destroyed because of infidelity, and so many of God’s children walking with a dark cloud of sexual shame?

SurprisedHealerTragically, many, many Christians believe that we are doomed to lose the battle of sexuality. They reason that some wounds are too deep, some people just too broken. After all, why would God care about sex? They may never say it, but the vast majority believe this lie: When you give your life to Christ, He is able to redeem and clean up a lot of areas. However, there is one area that is beyond His redemptive healing power—your sexuality. You may be forgiven, but you can never be whole.

We want to declare that this is a boldface lie from the enemy. There is nothing too broken for God to heal.

Can God Really Heal Sexual Wounds?
Some of you, like many of the women we meet, are having a hard time believing this to be true. Perhaps you have bought into the lie that some wounds (particularly invisible sexual wounds) can never be healed. You believe that Jesus walked the earth and performed miracles and that

He occasionally grants a miracle today, but you also believe that God doesn’t care about sex or that your sexuality is damaged beyond repair. So you put on a pretty face and limp through life with your deepest wounds compartmentalized so that the shame and pain don’t bleed into the “real you.”

We’ve got news for you. God offers more than life in silos. He wants to bring the power of His Word and His Spirit, making you a new creation in all areas of your being, including your sexuality. He desires to restore and redeem your sexual brokenness. Why? Because sexuality represents a powerful piece of the gospel. There is no greater picture of God’s love than the covenant of marriage and the sacredness of sexuality. When you invite God to heal your sexual brokenness, you’re partnering with Him to restore His holy picture.

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