God Uses Ordinary Women

0 comments Posted on May 1, 2016

by Andy Lee

Comparison. It gets me every time. It stops me from pursuing my God dreams. I know I’m not alone. Comparison is part of our human nature, but it’s dangerous because it is one of the greatest tactics and favorite diversions of the enemy of God. The truth is that someone will always be more talented, more beautiful, or godlier than I am. Always.

But God created me and you to fulfill a special purpose others can’t fulfill.

MaryLikeMeComparison often stops us from taking those first steps of faith—from painting the picture, writing the song, or publishing our book; we assume it’s already been painted or written before. But if God has called you; if he has given you the dream; then he has purpose that only you can fulfill. Someone needs to hear the gospel through your lips and shaky voice because you love them and have walked in their shoes. They need to hear your story. Imperfect heart touches imperfect heart.

There were three biblical women chosen by God to do great things for the kingdom. We consider them saints. One gave birth to the Son of God, the other sat at his feet, and the third proclaimed the resurrection of Christ. After such great accomplishments, we assume these women were holy, but their shared name, Mary, means bitter, defiant, and rebellious. Biblical names often defined the person. Their names held meaning and purpose. Though we’ve lifted these women to saintly status, Scripture reveals their personalities in light of their name. They were called by God while still in need of a Savior, just like us. Yet in the presence of Jesus their weaknesses became strengths, and their flaws were redeemed . . . just like ours.

God uses ordinary women. He did so in biblical times, and he still does today. A Mary Like Me: Flawed Yet Called unites our modern hearts with three adored saints who were just like you and me. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter written for “Mary Groups” help unite our hearts with women of today, our peers who face the same doubts, fears, and rebellion we do just like the Marys did. Remember, comparison paralyzes us, but camaraderie inspires and gives us wings to fly.

Let God use your beautiful, wonderful, imperfect, ordinary self today. Come doubting and fearful, defiant or bitter, come confused and rejected. It doesn’t matter what you’re like when you come. He’s chosen you. Step out in faith.

The rest of the story is up to him.

This article was adapted from A Mary Like Me: Flawed Yet Called written by Andy Lee, Copyright Leafwood Publishers 2016. Andy is a new author, faith blogger, Bible teacher, and inspirational speaker. She writes about finding purpose beyond today on her site, wordsbyandylee.com.

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