Hope for Those Struggling with Persistent Sin

0 comments Posted on March 7, 2013

by David Wilkerson

The Body of Jesus Christ today desperately needs a fresh unveiling of God’s New Covenant. We need it because our generation is living in a time of powerful demonic seductions. Jesus warned that such days would come—days in which Satan would attempt to deceive even the elect of God. Today we are seeing Jesus’ words come to pass, as humankind faces an overwhelming flood of temptations unknown to any past generation.

The technological advances meant to improve our lives have opened wide the floodgates of evil, and society is being inundated by seductions that are coming upon us with a ferocity we have never seen. Satan is using virtually every form of media to feed dormant lusts, encourage promiscuity and destroy every semblance of morality. Believers who have flirted with secret sins now find themselves in a battle for their souls.

it-is-finished-finding-lasting-victory-over-sinOur ministry receives thousands of letters each week, many from distraught believers who describe being trapped in sinful bondages. They tell us of life-controlling habits in their own lives and in the lives of loved ones—habits such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, pornography, adultery, fornication, homosexuality, gambling, bitterness, anger, covetousness and stealing. Yet, no matter what their struggle, all of these people have this in common: They are bound, snared in slavery by a besetting sin. They feel chained, unable to break free from sin’s power.

Many of these dear people sincerely love Jesus. They have prayed diligently, cried a river of tears and sought counseling from pastors and friends, yet nothing seems to free them. They always end up going back to their sin, and their heavy burden of guilt only increases with time.

Many such Christians have concluded they can never be free from their sin. In the bound person’s eyes, there is no escape from the wretchedness of always doing what he despises. So he has resigned himself to struggling for the rest of his life—riding the unending merry-go-round of sinning and confessing, sinning and confessing. But the New Covenant promises great hope to those who hate their sin.

If you are a believer who hates your sin—if you still grieve over your bondage to a habitual lust; if you cry out to the Lord to deliver you from Satan’s snare; if you feel helpless, weak, despondent over your lack of power—I have good news for you. The New Covenant provides for your absolute freedom. Our Lord has made available to you not only pardon for all sin and its guilt, but also liberty from and dominion over all bondage. These wonderful things are available to you through the glorious provisions of the New Covenant.

The provisions of the New Covenant set us free from the power of sin and deliver us into the Spirit of life. We do not have to do the devil’s bidding anymore, because by covenant God has promised to empower us to win over all temptations and lusts. All indwelling sin can be stripped of its dominion through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Laying hold of the New Covenant is the only way to break free from the power and dominion of sin. Yet the unveiling of the New Covenant is not something within my power or ability to do. Only the Holy Spirit can open up its marvelous truths to the seeker. I can, however, assure all who are discouraged by their lack of victory over a besetting sin that this book can open your eyes to the incredible promises and provisions God has given to all who intensely yearn for freedom from sin’s dominion. May the Holy Spirit unveil the glory and power of the New Covenant to every seeker who desires to walk in holiness and peace. I pray the Lord will use It Is Finished to bring hope and knowledge to you concerning His commitment to keep and deliver His people from the dominion of sin.

Excerpt from It Is Finished by David Wilkerson.


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