How the Power of Prayer Can Change Your Home

3 comments Posted on April 1, 2014

by Jackie M. Johnson

Most of us want better relationships. We long for more confidence and greater joy. We want our kids to be safe. We want to be rid of our bad habits and addictions. Indeed, we all need wisdom—and energy—to balance the daily demands of home, family, ministry and work.

Yes, we want things to change, but we often lack the self-discipline or motivation to make change happen. That’s why prayer is so important. Prayer connects us to the One who has the power, and the willingness, to make lasting changes in our lives.

Prayer is powerful because God is powerful.

I’ve seen prayer transform lives. Jim and Debbie, a couple in their mid-thirties, were on the verge of divorce until caring friends, praying diligently for them, sent the couple to a marriage conference. That weekend, two broken people surrendered their lives to Christ. Today, they lead a growing inner-city ministry together.

After wandering for years from ski towns to surf shops around the world, I’ve seen a friend’s prodigal son return. He found only emptiness until the power of prayer brought him back to God. Now he runs a Christian orphanage in the South Pacific.

The power of God makes a way where there seems to be none.

Our prayers make a difference when we are connected to God. “Remain in me, and I will remain in you,” Jesus said in John 15:4. Like a branch connected to a vine or tree, our prayers can produce an abundant harvest; apart from him we can do nothing (John 15:5), but with him we can do anything. Getting connected and staying connected to God are essential.

Powerful PrayersWhat prayer is—and is not 

But powerful prayer is not a set of magic words to get God to give you want you want. Sure, God longs to give good gifts, but he also wants connection; He wants your heart.

The foundation of prayer is relationship. God desires for us to experience—not just know—his love, his goodness, his mercy, and his provision. How do we do that? Through a dialog of talking and listening with God called prayer.

Prayer is a holy connection, your most important love connection. Confessing, worshiping, and thanking God—even simply enjoying His presence—are as much a part of prayer as asking for our personal needs or interceding for others.

A strong spiritual foundation is formed through consistent prayer and, in hard times—in all times—helps you to stand strong. Isn’t that the kind of foundation you want for your family?

What do I pray about?

We need the power of prayer in our everyday lives, in the ordinary and the extraordinary days. If you are married, pray for your husband, for his walk with God, for his work, for a greater connection in your marriage, and for his needs. Pray together as a couple. It can be a beautiful and bonding experience.

If you are single, and you desire to be married, pray for your husband-to-be, for mutual love, respect and affection, and for the life you will have together. Ask God to help you to wait well, and make wise choices.

If you have children, pray for and with your kids. They need spiritual protection and strength each day to face a culture that is increasingly opposite from the life of a Christ-follower.

Whether you’re trying to communicate better with your husband or caring for aging parents, prayer is essential. We need the power of prayer to renew our minds, heal our emotions, change our bitter or prideful hearts and help us to forgive others. We desperately need the power of God in our lives every day.

In your prayer time, consider these things:

What do you appreciate about God? Praise Him.

What are you grateful for? Thank Him.

What are you sorry for? Confess to him.

What do you need? Ask him.

Specifically, I often pray that my home would be a place of peace, a place where people feel welcomed, loved, heard, and cared about. I desire that for both my guests and my family.

Prayer doesn’t have to be a duty; it can be a delight as you come to know more fully the one with whom you converse. He loves and accepts you. He listens and cares. He never leaves. Moreover, God wants the best for you, so you can speak openly and honestly from your heart.

You can pray at your kitchen table, on your couch or on the back porch. You can pray as you fold laundry, drive in your car or go on a walk. You can pray after dinner or before bed. Wherever you are, talking with God can be simple, yet heartfelt and honest. You can close your eyes or keep them open. You can pray out loud or in silence. It’s just you and God, so feel free to express yourself and get connected.

Prayer changes things

A prayer-filled life is a powerful life. When you pray, your life—and the lives of those around you—will be forever changed. You will be inspired to live with greater peace, restored hope, and freedom.

As you pray, you will discover a hope in Jesus Christ that is so unexpected, yet so wonderfully good, that when you begin to grasp it your life may be transformed into one of startling kindness, lavish love and limitless possibilities.

Whatever it is you long for, tell God your heart’s desires, and he will answer. Whether the answer is yes, no, or wait, know that the one who loves you most is working all things together for his good purposes (Romans 8:28). We may not always understand or like the answer, but we can know with certainty that one day everything will be made right.

Today, we pray and trust him.

Lord, I ask that you would bless our family. May our home be a place where love resides—a place of peace, contentment, and joy. Despite our differences, help us to respect one another, forgive one another and communicate well. Show us how to serve each other and each person who enters our home. Help our family to trust you and enjoy one another. We ask believing for your best. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Jackie M. Johnson is an author and freelance writer in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Her books include: Power Prayers for Women (Barbour Publishing), When Love Ends and the Ice Cream Carton Is Empty (Moody Publishing) and Powerful Prayers for Challenging Times: Finding Hope When You Need It Most (Revell/Baker Publishing Group).

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  • 04/30/2014
    Ann-Margret said:

    Very inspiring, Jackie! Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

  • 05/01/2014
    Bob Johnson said:

    Jackie! You have the “God Given Talent” to put into words, what so many folks need to hear today. Your words are heard and appreciated by those lucky enough to know you.
    God bless and be with you, always.

  • 05/01/2014
    Tina said:

    Wonderful words. A reminder that it’s a blessing to have a relationship with the one who wants all our cares and woes.


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