How to Be Beautiful—Inside and Out

0 comments Posted on January 31, 2014

by Elizabeth George

Life is a struggle for everyone regardless of age, right? I’m sure you struggle daily to manage all that your life entails. But you have the ability and grace to bring beauty and joy into the lives of those under your roof—that is, if you want to and choose to. I’m guessing you probably don’t have a husband and children. But you do have a mom and dad and brothers and sisters. You—yes, you—can light up the lives of the people at home as you share the sparkle God puts in your heart no matter how hard times are.

I hope you’re catching a vision of your life as a glittering jewel, a ruby, a gemstone. As you and the members of your family face hardship, pain, weariness, drudgery, or sorrow, you have the power, through God, to help lighten their suffering. All you have to do is Step #1—want to do it; Step #2—grow in godly character; and Step #3—do it. Give your strength away every single day.

It’s a fact that gems increase in value as time passes. And the same is true of you and your beautiful, Christlike character. You are one of God’s excellent young women—one of His precious and priceless jewels. So let the improvements begin! Here are two exercises to help you polish up your sparkle and brighten up your life as well as the lives of those around you.

BeautifulGodsEyesYoungWomen#1. Develop practical skills—As a young single, you need to sharpen the skills necessary for managing your room at home or your dorm room at college. These practical skills may not make much sense right now, but they will most definitely come in handy at some time in the future. For instance:

Homemaking —I still remember the sad tears of a soon-to-be-married college student whose mother had financed swimming lessons, encouraged her athletic efforts, and driven her to swimming pools, swim practice, and swim meets for 20 years. My friend could swim—but she couldn’t cook, clean, or do her laundry!

Right now, the idea of “homemaking” may seem a little unnecessary. But one day you will have your own place (and maybe even a husband and baby). That place will become your home, and what people see there will be a reflection of who you are.

Money management—All through your life, and even today, you’ll need a working knowledge of personal finances. Even if the only money you manage now is your allowance, you still need to know about wise money management—making money, saving money, giving money, and spending money.

As you work your way through Proverbs 31:10-31, you’ll notice again and again the keen business head on this woman’s shoulders.

Time management—The careful management of your time is key to running your life well. Time is yours to be managed every minute of every day. It’s a precious commodity God gives you. And He expects you to redeem it and use it for His purposes. You’ll want to become an expert in the daily habit of planning and scheduling. And you’ll be so glad you did!

#2. Growing in emotional stability—To be a sparkling jewel and a blessing in anyone’s life, you’ll want to grow in emotional stability. After all, you are a part of your family. That means you contribute to the general emotional atmosphere in your home. Are you an emotional train wreck at home? How about with your friends at school? How much better it is to be a positive calming influence—to be a tower of strength to those in your presence.

If you start building greater emotional stability in just a few important areas, you will make incredible progress.

First up is master your tolerance. This refers to endurance—endurance during tough and trying days. Everyone, including you, faces difficult circumstances and painful times. It’s a fact of life. James wrote in James 1:2, “Count it all joy when you fall into various trials” (nkjv).

When trials come, don’t be surprised. And don’t be caught off guard without a plan for some stability. Turn to God right away. He’s your helper through thick and thin. Pray something like this: “God, Your Word says I can do all things—including handle this—through Christ, who strengthens me. By Your grace and through Your Spirit, I can do this. Thank You for enabling me to meet and handle this challenge.”

Next up is master your temper. How? Try some sure advice from God. A woman of strength:

—nurtures a peaceful heart

—knows how to wait

—does not strive

—restrains her spirit

Does this sound like the impossible dream? It’s not. Remember—you can do all things through Christ (Philippians 4:13).

And finally is master your tongue. Oh dear—we knew this was coming! Your words can either “speak like the piercings of a sword” or promote health (Proverbs 12:18 nkjv). To bring the sparkle of God’s beauty to others,

—speak less often

—speak only after you think about what you’re going to say

—speak only what is sweet and pleasant

—speak only what is wise and kind

Now, with all these wonderful traits on track, you have soooo much to give to others at home, at school, at church, in all your activities, and with all your friends. And best of all? You give God honor and glory as you reflect His presence in you.


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