I’ve Got It

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by  Dr. Tony Evans

There is nothing I love more about my life than being a man. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, before my feet even hit the floor, I say, “Evans, it is great to be a man.” The whole day looms ahead begging to be explored, experienced, and conquered.

I love being a man.
But within that love lies an even greater passion to equip and empower other men to realize the full expression of their manhood within the prevailing intricacies of the kingdom of God. If you are a man, you ought to love being a man. More than that, you ought to love being a kingdom man. To be a kingdom man is every man’s destiny. And every woman dreams of being with one. Because when a kingdom man rules his realm well, everyone benefits.

KingdomManEveryone can rest well.
Something is inherent in the DNA of manhood that urges men to rise to the occasion, solve the equation, protect, defend, defeat, and restore. Life’s challenges taunt us to defy them. Responsibilities call us to fulfill them.

In the Evans home, we have a sign. I can’t remember exactly when I started doing it, but when a problem comes up or a legitimate issue gives rise to worry or concern, I will sometimes raise three fingers. That’s all. When I raise three fingers, and without having to say a word, I can immediately see the tension leave my wife’s face or whomever it is I am talking to. It goes away because those three fingers remind them of three words: I’ve got it.

I’ve got it.
When I say I’ve got it that means that whomever I’m saying it to doesn’t have to carry it, worry about it, or try to figure it out. I’ll take responsibility for it. And if it is something that I cannot solve, I will provide the comfort, stability, and empathy that are necessary to get through it. It doesn’t mean that I literally and tangibly do everything. It means that I see to it that everything is done.

As a man, when you have demonstrated to a woman, children, or people within your sphere of influence that you are dependable, responsible, and that you take ownership to fix, solve, or simply carry the burden of that which cannot be solved, you have freed them to rest. You have freed them to relax because they know that they can trust the man who has proven to them through past actions that he’s got it. As a kingdom man, those around you need to know that you’ve got it.

It is no different than what God does for us when He tells us not to worry. Essentially, God says,

“Fear not, I’ve got it.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got it.”

“Be still, I’ve got it.”

God’s covering over us as His sons is a model of how we as men are to cover those under us. To cover someone or to be someone’s covering simply means that you provide the protection and provision they need, as well as an environment for nurturing and fostering emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Men, when God’s got it and you are leading and living according to His principles and under His governance, your faith in Him comes through in how you relate to those around you. Essentially, you’ve got it because you are putting your trust in and functioning according to the truth that God’s got it.

Taken from Kingdom Man, by Anthony T. Evans. Copyright © 2012. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.

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