Joy To The World

0 comments Posted on April 27, 2012

by Joyce Meyer

Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton has said, “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” It’s true. Nothing will hinder or
handicap you in life as severely as a bad attitude. When I use the word attitude, I am referring to the system of thoughts, the mental posture, the
mind-set, or the way of thinking with which a person approaches life. For example, if a person has a bad attitude toward work, he will think thoughts such as these:

I have the most boring job on Earth.
My boss is too demanding.
This company needs to pay me more and treat me better.
I should get more vacation time.
I always have to do the “grunt work.”
No one here appreciates me.
I may have to work with these people around me, but I don’t have to be nice to them.

All those thoughts combine to make one big bad attitude. How could a person with those thoughts running through his mind all day ever enjoy his work, become a positive employee, or make valuable contributions to his company? He can’t—unless he changes his thoughts and develops a better attitude. Even if your employer definitely needs to make changes and improve in several areas you must realize that being negative about your job does not change your employer, but it does change your attitude into one that is “power-draining.”

Do you think the person I just described would be a good candidate for a raise or a promotion? Certainly not. But, what about a man whose attitude is built on thoughts like these?

I am so thankful to have a job. I am going to do my very best every day.I believe that God gives me favor every day with my boss. I am glad to be part of a team with my coworkers even though none of us are perfect. The work environment may not be ideal, but I will do my part to make it pleasant for myself and those around me.

I am committed to be focused and diligent while I’m on company time.

I would like a raise, so I will work hard to earn it.

No doubt, this person’s positive attitude will position him for promotion in his company, and if he has the same type of attitude in other
areas, he will enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. Even if his employer never recognizes his attributes, God does and will either change the employer’s heart or provide better employment. God always rewards openly what we do in secret for His honor and glory.

It’s Up to You

All of us have the privilege and responsibility of choosing our attitudes, no matter what circumstances or situations we find ourselves in.
The key word here is choosing. Attitudes don’t just happen; they are the products of our choices. Over time, the thought patterns established in our
minds can put us on “autopilot,” which means that when certain types of situations occur, we are preprogrammed to think about them in certain ways. We have to interrupt this function and learn to stop our minds from going in the directions they have gone for years if that direction is not producing good things in our lives.

For example:
You may have spent years dreading being with your family for holiday celebrations, but this year, you can choose to think, being with family
may not be my favorite activity, but I am going to purposefully look for something good in each of my relatives.

You may have a habit of complaining of feeling overwhelmed when bills arrive in your mailbox every month, but you can begin to think, I am
going to pay as much as possible on this bill, and little by little I am getting out of debt.

It is vital for you to understand that you can choose your own thinking. You may be in a habit of merely thinking whatever falls into your
mind, but you are now in the process of retraining your mind one thought at a time. As you learn to think as God thinks it enables Him to partner with you in accomplishing whatever you need to accomplish.


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