Just Say Yes

0 comments Posted on April 28, 2012

by Joe Kissack

I used to say no to NASCAR. But now I say yes. In fact, a few years ago I was NASCAR’s version of Wrongway Wright, going 200 mph in the wrong direction! Forgive my obscure Gilligan’s Island minor-character reference; but seriously, I shouldn’t even be here. Imagine, a guy like me, now loving the only major professional (openly-Christian) league with names like Waltrip, Petty, Labonte, Gibbs, going hard to the left at 200 mph around Talladega, in the name of Jesus!

Now imagine the opposite that was me then.

Driving ole #1 (me) at 200 mph to the right around Talladega, with no Jesus in sight. Any more in the wrong direction would have started me in the right direction. I was bad lost! I was literally racing through life, out of control, dodging oncoming traffic with stuff flying out the backend. Just a washed up television executive, still chasing the illusion of success. I was exhausted, my marriage was in trouble, my children were afraid of me, I was addicted, broken, and contemplating taking my life. I said no, to life. My life, built on a foundation of flesh, was disintegrating before me.

But in the grandstand God was watching, along with his angel, Joshua, in the pits. Joshua saw the whole crumbled wreckage up close, but he knew the owner’s manual by heart. “Joe, quit spinning your wheels, trying to make your job, possessions, medications and anything else, your savior.” He pleaded, tears streaming down his reddened face, hands trembling from the horrifying reality of potential fatality.

“There is only One Savior, God’s Son, Jesus Christ and the answers are in Him. He is The Savior. True Salvation. The Cornerstone. Nothing else can save you.”

I was at the end of myself, preparing to check into a psychiatric hospital.

“Okay,” I said weakly.

“His gift is Grace, and you can’t earn it. All have sinned and fallen short just like you just like me,” Joshua whispered.

“Okay,” I repeated.

“God sent His Son as a Gift, taking all sin with Him to the Cross. He died, so we could have life!” He believed so intensely, it seemed blood could come through his pores with the perspiration emptying out of him.  “Joe, will you say yes to His Gift of Grace to cover your sin, and surrender to Him as your Savior, your Lord?”

“Yes! Yes I do!” I cried, sobbing, my head in my hands. “Yes!”

I wasn’t headed toward loving NASCAR. I wasn’t headed toward Jesus. I was headed 200 mph in the wrong direction. I was headed toward death. But He was always right behind me in my rear-view mirror saying yes to me, and when I said yes to Him, I said yes to life. Yes for His Grace to be sufficient for me, yes to a physical healing, and healing in my marriage and for my family. I have been saying yes to Him ever since. One of my yes’s put me in Mexico with three fishermen and the adventure of my life.

Is it time for you to say yes? To HIM?

Please say yes.


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