Leaning on the Promises of God

0 comments Posted on August 3, 2015

by Rosey Brausen

My husband, Gary, was a hockey player, runner, and bicyclist. He maintained a healthy diet and did not smoke. But six months after his fiftieth birthday, doctors told him he had an aggressive form of lung cancer and to get his affairs in order. We were suddenly forced to lean on the promises of God more than the counsel of man.

God wants us to speak out the Word of God over all our situations. My favorite view from theologians much more studied than I is that speaking out the Word of God bubbles up from our belief in God—belief that God spoke this world into being; belief that He who is capable of hanging the moon in the sky, turning on the stars, controlling the tide as well as making the artichoke, is capable of breathing His Words into life.

I believe the impact of quoting Scripture out loud has been lost. For most of us, if we have ever memorized Scripture, it was when we were kids. During times of difficulty, most of us are not aware of the power of the Word and how it can heal us, bring life to our hearts, and create hope deep within us. This very easily could have been Gary and me when cancer hit our home, but God had been faithful to teach us about His promises, growing in us a deeper understanding of His fabulous healing, loving, and protecting nature.

PrayingForHealingReciting God’s promises out loud during our darkest days built faith not only in our hearts but also in our minds. They reinforced His nature into every fiber of our being with the unexpected gift of a two way relationship with the great I Am. He lavishly loved on us and delighted when we, even in our limited capacity, loved Him back through our growing trust. Speaking God’s promises out loud over all our different emotions helped us keep our eyes on Him when we saw the wind and the waves.

I wish I could say this was easy but it wasn’t. We were behind from the very beginning. Yet through God’s promises He built our strength and shored up our weakness, teaching us how to fight His way. What caught us off guard was how often our thoughts would wonder into anxiety, fear, worry, or doubt. When we actually started taking accountability for our thoughts and combating them with God’s promises, we were amazed at how often they drifted off into the negative. At one point Gary spoke Scripture out loud over himself twenty-five times in the period of an hour.

Think of how many times you have heard in your head derogatory comments about yourself. Things such as “you won’t succeed,” “you’re so different,” and “God won’t heal you.” These are thoughts of the enemy, completely inconsistent with the promises of God and therefore His nature.

God loves you. He knit you together in your mother’s womb with love and purpose, and He has promised Himself to you through His nature to see you into the fullness of His love.

What Gary and I quickly discovered is that when our minds where occupied with discovering the nature of God through His promises, it left little time for the enemy to wreak havoc with our thoughts. Our appetite grew for more and more of God and the alternative began to lose its flavor. But this took time and discipline, neither of which were in great supply as cancer was raging in Gary’s body. In the end, God’s promises prevailed and Gary is alive today—free from cancer—to share what it means to stand on the promises of God.

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