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0 comments Posted on September 1, 2014

by Lily Isaacs

My family and I have been traveling in full-time ministry now for over 35 years. I’ve had numerous requests from so many friends to write my autobiography, which I didn’t realize would take me seven or eight years to complete! Last fall I was contacted by New Leaf Press and they signed me to a wonderful publishing deal. I am proud of what we have done together on this project, and grateful that they have given me an opportunity to share my story with the world.

My mother and father are both Polish Jews who survived the nightmare of the Holocaust. When they were liberated in 1945, they got married soon after, and I was born two years later in 1947. We came to America in 1949. They told me that it was an amazing sight to see the Statue of Liberty from the SS General Haan, the ship they were on. That meant freedom at last; a hope and promise of a better life in a new country, though we struggled as an immigrant family in the United States.

YouDontCryOutLoudAs the years went on, my father became an alcoholic and my mother started going out a lot. I struggled as a young teenager with the drama that was in my family, becoming angry and rebellious because I was wanting to fit in. To add to that problem, I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 12. I threw myself into acting and singing at a very young age, which helped me forget about my real life, and my love of theater arts stayed with me throughout my life. I landed a recording contract on Columbia records with my girlfriend Maria, in 1968. We started performing in Greenwich Village and that’s where I met my husband, in a nightclub called GERDES Folk City. We were married in 1970.

His background was quite different than mine. He was the baby of 17 children, raised in the mountains of Kentucky and his father was a Pentecostal preacher. This is the part where I say “God must have a sense of humor.” We were both saved in 1971 which happened due to a death in his family. Soon our three children were born into our family.

My life took a different turn after I found Jesus; I felt in my heart that my life was complete. The void I had always felt seemed to have been filled. Of course my parents completely rejected me when they found out about my conversion. It was a very difficult time in my young Christian life but I leaned on God and He blessed me and walked with me through the whole process. It certainly made me stronger. Jesus Christ brought me where I am today. He became my father, my mother, my brother and still remains my dearest friend! My family and I have been blessed to perform around the world and proclaim the name of Jesus as Messiah!

In my book I have shared about my battle with breast cancer, a month after I had back surgery. I wanted to tell my story as raw as I could so that I could help the people that were going through the same thing. For the first part of my life, I never knew God. I even questioned His existence. But I know He knew me from the very beginning of time! I hope and pray that my autobiography will touch many people, of all ages and cultures. We are all as one in the name of Christ!

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