“Let Mercy Hold You”

1 comment Posted on April 3, 2013

by Jason Crabb

So many people talk to me about things they are going through—tough times, valleys they are walking through. For some it’s an illness or a family member who is sick. For some it’s their business struggling or even their struggle to find employment at all. Some have kids who are hurting for one reason or another, and they ask us to pray for them. Night after night at the record table at our concerts, people in the audience walk up and tell us stories about things that are hurting them; and they ask us to pray for them. All of us have been there, or we’re there now or we are going to be there at some point. Sometimes there are those needs that just feel enormous—so big we can hardly pray. We don’t know what to do.

jason-crabb-love-is-strongerMia Fieldes, Seth Mosley and Alexa Willis penned a song called ‘Let Mercy Hold You,’ and they have spoken right to the heart of a world that is hurting. When I first heard it while riding in my car, I thought ‘wow.’ Musically, it moved me. It’s just beautiful. The melody takes you somewhere special, and the lyrics are words that we need. I think people everywhere are going to relate to this song. Early on it says, ‘when the road is winding through the darkness…when you’re full of doubt…when your prayers are crashing into silence and you’re scared that everything you’re crying out is going to hit the ground.’ Wow. Think about that ’…everything you’re crying out is going to hit the ground.’ That’ll stop you in your tracks. That’s exactly how we feel often times.

But then it says, ‘every night is holding back a sunrise, every storm is shadowing a blue sky, I know it’s hard when there’s nothing that you can do, so let mercy hold you.’

Then it says, and I love this line, ‘There’s a cross reaching to the furthest place, there’s a love nothing in the world can change…in it all, one thing will carry you through—Let Mercy Hold You.’ I knew immediately I wanted to record this song.

This is all we can do during these times. We realize we are helpless. We are not in control. We can’t fix it. That is hard for me. If something is wrong, I want to jump in and make it right. But sometimes life has a way of reminding us who is really in control. At these times all we can do is let the mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ hold us.

Sometimes that is exactly the hardest thing to do! But that’s what His love and mercy are for. It’s not about us winning or being in control…it’s about letting Him have everything, letting go and letting Him hold us.

I can’t wait to perform this song in concert. I’m already receiving messages from people who have heard it on radio stations who say it meets them right where they are. I’m just thrilled to have gotten to record this song!


  • 05/29/2014
    Leslie Burton said:

    A line from one of your song says “heaven’s sweeter with you there!” So sweet, so true. Really ministers. Thank you for recording it, Jason! I’ve only heard that one song, can’t get out due to major health challenges. How may I get your music? I’m a blessed brand new fan, thank you!!


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