Life’s Master Plan

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by Kirk Franklin, seven-time Grammy award winning artist

The greatest Giver of all has given you a pre­cious gift—your life. And in order for that gift to be truly valu­able to you, you need a blueprint.

Because of my background and everything I’ve been through (which you’ll hear more about later), I am very passionate about being honest, straight up, and transparent about my struggles as a black man, my lack of education, my frustrations with the church that I am so proudly part of, and my failings, first as a man, then as a boyfriend, and then again as a husband and family man. Although I don’t have a master’s or a PhD, I’m going to share with you every lesson I’ve learned from a life filled with hard knocks. The street corner was my classroom. The hood was my Harvard. And fourteen years of marriage, four kids, a blended family, and a ministry that has allowed me to travel the world have become my laboratory for life.

“What I have to offer isn’t perfection; it’s experience.”

What I have to offer isn’t perfection; it’s experience. I’ve lived through what many of you are experiencing—You see, I didn’t have any blueprint when I was coming up, any kind of instruction manual on how to be a man. All you have to do is look at any city corner to know that my education was flawed. And so was my behavior. Many of us had either no blue­print or a bad one.


I am here to tell you that there is a blueprint for how to handle everything that life throws at you. And it’s not Kirk Franklin’s blueprint. It’s the blueprint that’s been passed from generation to generation, from Moses on down. It’s been time-tested. And I know that whenever I went against it, I was slapped down and was lovingly forced to come correct.

Here is the heartbeat of this book: We have to deal with real­ity if we’re going to come up with a blueprint for our lives. And you are definitely going to get slices of reality in this book, a real­ity that hopefully will set you and those you love on the right road.

I’m letting you know now, the road is going to get a whole lot uglier before it gets better. But that ugliness is there for a purpose. That purpose is to provide you, your spouse, your family, your kids with a spiritual blueprint, one that will help you pass through the ugliness and into hope. If this lost boy forced to be a man can do it, with God’s grace, there’s hope for everybody. We are all fighting for our lives right now. And I’m right there with you. Together we’re going to destroy the walls of frustration and self-doubt, despair, and fear. With hammers in both hands—we’ll call them hope and faith—we’ll build those walls back up on a solid foundation. The blueprint. God’s blueprint.

Copyright © 2010 by Kirk Franklin. From The Blueprint, published by Penguin Putnam.
Printed by permission.


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