Light in the Darkest Part of Life

0 comments Posted on February 1, 2017

by Leanna Cinquanta

Throughout those early days of TellAsia’s work in India, I remained only vaguely aware of the risks and needs of the children of this region. However, one day the Lord spoke to me. With resounding clarity on par with the day He had summoned me to “start in India,” He said, The most Christlike act a person can do in this life is to give Jesus and a bright future to a child who has no hope.

So TellAsia launched Blue Haven Children’s Home, a loving sanctuary for orphaned, semi-orphaned, abused and destitute children.

TreasuresFunding for our church planting and training of leaders had been provided in reasonable proficiency. Due to the large numbers of people coming to Christ and the rapid multiplication of our house-based church groups, TellAsia had received internal recognition. Our strategies and the dedication and fruitfulness of our native leaders had drawn respect. My invested efforts of traveling, speaking in churches and presenting grant proposals paid off in resources necessary to continue growing the work.

Thus, upon receiving the Lord’s commission to rescue and educate children, I set out likewise to develop the funding necessary. Teachers must be trained and paid. Homes must be built to house children. Schools must be built to educate them. Rural parents must be taught how to identify and avoid traffickers. With thirty million such children in desperate need and hardly a single agency or Christ-centered group intervening, it seemed that supporters would flock to help. This compelling opportunity to invade such deep darkness with the light of love, nurture and education should have been an easy sell.

However, hours upon countless hours stretched into months and years of near-fruitless labor. We received only scant funds toward the cause. Our visions of rescuing hundreds of children had to be put on hold. I realized that I had come up against some of the warlords’ most heavily fortified bulwarks. They were not able to keep our churches out of the villages, but they were dead-set on keeping their stranglehold on impoverished children. I at last concluded there must be one thing the powers of darkness deem most valuable to the maintenance of their oppressive reign, one type of human life that they want to destroy more than any other—


Because children are most precious to God, therefore they are most hated by the powers of darkness. More than anything in the world, those powers desire to prevent children from entering the liberty and joy of God’s destiny for their lives. The powers of darkness fear children more than anyone else, because they are the future of nations. If the children can be lifted out of poverty, illiteracy and disgrace, the nation will follow.

Leanna Cinquanta, Treasures in Dark Places, “Bethany House Publishers, a division of Baker Publishing” © 2016, used by permission.

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