Live Like You’re Dying

0 comments Posted on February 1, 2017

by Julie Manning

I truly desire to make memories with my children. But not only do I want to make memories; I desire to actually remember these memories, and I want my children to remember these moments, too. I journal about our first dances, the silly things they say, the stroller rides, and the times they spook me so badly that I scream and they laugh hysterically. (Thank you, John, for instigating the spooking of Mommy.) I also journal about the character they are building as they learn more about Jesus.

MyHeart_CVR_FULL_rebuilt.inddI want life to be filled with intentional memory making. I do not want to live life anxiously waiting for the next season when babies finally sleep through the night or fit-throwing toddlers transform into four-year-old helpers. Let me not wish for the day when the youngest begins kindergarten because that will be the day my oldest begins middle school. Then I will blink, and we will be taking kids to college. No! I do not want to rush life. I want to embrace as much eye contact as my kids will give me. I want to facilitate conversations as we drive through traffic headed toward baseball practice and as we sit around the dinner table. I want to take moments to dance with my boys on the porch.

Why is this? Why do I want to press pause? Is it because life seems to be going by more swiftly now than it did when I was in high school? Is it because I live with a chronic illness and because I have been told I am at risk to die suddenly? No. I do not just want my boys to know me and remember me when I am gone. Of course I want to leave a legacy of service, love, and generosity. But what good is my legacy if they do not know and love the Giver of life? No. I desire to show them Jesus. Jesus was an intentional memory maker. Jesus was always fully present. He did not live a life of distraction. He did not live a life with selfish ambition. Jesus was purposeful in conversation, purposeful in His actions, and purposeful in embracing every moment. Jesus knew the cross was coming. He knew from day one the purpose of His life would entail persecution, sacrifice, and ultimate death upon the cross to be the propitiation for the sins of all, once and for all.

May we turn into a generation of women who live with constant intentionality. Not just for the sake of being intentional but for the sake of living like Christ. May we also be a generation of women who dares to dream of how God might just use our lives tomorrow while we are in the trenches of today.

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